i might have acted like i didn´t care but oh dear did i want to be in your arms


5. Eight years later...

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*eight years later*

I took a deep breath, as I realized, how fast the time passed by. I sat on my king-sized bed, staring at my bare feet on the carpet. Louis and I were still best friends, but I knew, that he began to change with the time. He was more interested in work, like my father did. How to treat poor people and stuff.

I bit my lower lip and slowly got up. The sun shone on my carpet and I like the feeling under my feet. I walked over to my big window and looked outside on our wide flower garden. Mum decided to build a garden, as a birthday present for me, but I wasn´t allowed spending much time there. Dad was against it, that I met there one of our servants. He wanted me to focus on more important things, like Louis did. I sighed slightly and pulled the white curtains aside. Why didn´t somebody understand me? Why was there a strict obstacle between rich and poor?

Niall stood down there in the garden and chopped wood. I had to smile, as I saw him. He still was the boy, like nine years ago and I liked spending time with him. Although we had to meet secretly. Again he lifted his arms with the heavy ax and smashed it down at the piece of dark wood. Sweat dripped down from his forehead and his blonde hair stood straight up in a quiff. He panted and wiped the sweat away with his hand, before he rested his hands on his knees and caught his breath.

I wanted to get away from the window, as he suddenly pulled his shirt up and showed his toned abs. Holy, I had to gasp, as I saw all his muscles. His shirt was dripped in sweat, but I didn´t mind. His chest glanced in the hot sun and he kept on chopping the wood.  I swallowed and couldn´t keep my gaze away from him. He changed so much in the last time. He wasn´t anymore the young boy, we took with us. He had become a man.

And the thing, I liked about him, that he didn´t mind to see me. Although my family treated him like shit, he still smiled, when I threw a short look at him, trying to hide it from my family and Louis. It was like we built a friendship nine years ago at the river… But nobody of us ever admitted it.

I sighed and stepped backwards. Niall and I never would be able to come up with an open friendship. Everybody would be against us…

In addition I would leave in two weeks.  I´d go to college and then I wouldn´t see him for a long time. Neither him nor Louis.

Suddenly the door swung open and Louis stepped in, taking a few books with him, which he threw on my bed.

“How´s it goin Hun?” he smiled and rushed through his hair. I grinned weakly and walked over to the bed, reading the headlines of the few newspapers and the books.

“You focus on school?” I asked and tried to bring up some interest, but I just wanted to be alone.

“Nope… Your dad got these.” Louis sighed and sat down on my bed, pulling me on his lap. I smiled and leaned back at my best friend’s chest, closing my eyes. I never had a boyfriend, and I wasn´t sure about to have one. Louis would be jealous, like I would, if he had a girlfriend. I didn´t wanted to share him with somebody. He was my brother and I wouldn´t give him away.

“How was your day?” I asked tired and listened to his heartbeat. He lay down on the bed and pulled me into a tight hug. I sighed and closed my eyes, snuggling at his warm chest.

“Like always. Your dad wants me to treat servants harder, like a real man should, but I´m so tired of it.” he sighed and pulled the blanket over us. It was cold in here, because I didn´t spend much time outside. Dad wouldn´t appreciate it.  

“Louis?” I asked sleepily and opened my eyes slowly. He was about to drift asleep. His eyes were closed and his breath was slow and regular. With him next to me, I just felt so safe… But I knew, he changed with every day. And someday, he´d be like my dad.

“Yes honey?” he asked with a weak and sleepy voice, trying not to yawn.

I smiled and snuggled closer at his chest.

“You remember the promise, you´ve made?” I asked quietly and waited for his reaction.

He opened his eyes again and slid slightly backwards, to look in my eyes.

“Hun, you know, we can´t just leave…” he whispered.

I nodded slightly and didn´t dare to look in his eyes, but he lifted my chin slightly and smiled at me. My lips were shaking, but I wanted to hide it. With a sigh I slid backwards, and loosened his grip around me.


I stood up and rushed through my curls.

“Mhhm I understood Louis...” I said coldly and avoided his gaze.

It just broke my heart to see my best friend slid away from me with every second.


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