Intertwined Fate

The Daughter of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince has a dark side only a certain Hothead knows about. When Barren Battle breaks out of prison with the help of his wife, Rose Peace, will she help Warren to defeat him once and for all or succumb to the dark side. Will their fates be wound so tightly not even Athena Wayne can separate them?


1. The Beginning

It began with a kiss, a kiss of forbidden love and betrayal. They were never meant to fall in love, but fate had other plans in mind. The man, owner of a very successful business, was a player of sorts; always seen with a different woman on his arm. They all were completely gorgeous of course, but none more gorgeous than the fair Diana Prince. The playboy Bruce Wayne fell head over heals for her stunning beauty, with one fatal flaw, if he proclaimed his love for her both their lives could blow up in smoke. Diana being a princess in a far away land as well as a much needed nurse at Gotham Memorial Hospital, though she had yet another task to be had; she was the infamous Wonder Woman. Bruce, on the other hand, was the playboy billionaire running Wayne Industries by day, and fighting crime by night as none other than Batman. Both from different worlds, both unknowingly sharing the same secret; their love for one another. Sure, they sometimes teamed up to fight crime along with other members of the Justice League, but neither one knew the other's secret obsession, until the night of one of Bruce charity events. Clark Kent, also known as Superman, had insisted that the billionaire take Diana to be his escort for the night; to which needed appropriate 'persuading'. After many insults and a fair share of threats, he finally agreed to take the Amazon princess as his date. Diana of course was thrilled that Bruce had finally invited her to attend the gala with him, not that she showed how much it truly meant to her. "Tonight," she thought to herself as she slipped on a ruby red evening gown that greatly showed off her figure. "Tonight I will finally tell him I love him." Once she saw him however, all her courage had vanished. "I have faced monsters, supervillains, and beings from other planets... Why can't I have enough courage to utter four simple words," she thought as she laced her arm around Bruce's elbow. "I have to tell him tonight, there's no other way." They silently sat in the limo on the way to the Child Cancer Charity Gala he was hosting. At their arrival all heads turned to see that playboy's arm candy of the night. Some of the men looked upon her with lust, ready to pounce on her when Bruce was done stringing her along. The women looked at her with anguish and hatred that they were not the 'flavor' of the night. Diana was nervously clutching a bit too hard to Bruce. Upon hearing him chuckle, she turned to looked at him in confusion. "Dont listen to them," he purred in her ear,"Tonight is all about the kids, and you." She blushed deeply at hearing this nodding slightly. Her hold on him loosened as he led her to a table at the head of the room. He spoke to all his business partners, was courteous to all the floozies that attempted to steele him away, and focused his attention on Diana. They danced for most of the night and when the gala ended in the early hours of the day, they sped off to his mansion to continue in the festivities. An hour and a few drinks later they were in the living room. "I-" they both began at once. "You go first, no you." Blushing, the two turned away quickly. "Diana," Bruce began as she turned to look at him. "Diana, I am madly, passionately and deeply in love with you and I know you could never feel the same about me but-" She cut him off with a kiss which he immediately responded to. "Of course I could feel the same, and I do. I love you Bruce." He looked at her with love and lust in his eyes, "You have no idea how long I have waited to hear that." And that night was the beginning of something magical, for that night was the first night of forever.
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