Summer Taylor's life is turned upside down when her new step-sister Morgan moves in. Morgan is beautiful, shiny red curls, big green eyes and rosy cheeks. she has it all, but when Morgan's dad and Summer's mum start dating, it all goes wrong. how will they cope when their lives are falling apart?


7. The crash

We sit on the bench eating sandwiches, crisps and chocolate. We watch the rides whiz around and take in the sunny day. I beg to go on the log flume, they relent in the end. 

The queue is massive, I guess that this is one of the more popular rides.

It's our turn.

I step in to the flooded boat and sit in the front, pure glee is etched onto my face.The flume lurches into action and whirred off. We go through the first drop, which is pretty tame if you ask me, ask Morgan and it's a completely different story. 

The last drop.

We shoot down it like a bullet, then the boat makes a creaky noise.

The boat tosses and turns as we plummet down.

We flip over entirely and land face down, we dive into the water below, screaming.

I hit my head hard and the boat tears apart. 

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