Summer Taylor's life is turned upside down when her new step-sister Morgan moves in. Morgan is beautiful, shiny red curls, big green eyes and rosy cheeks. she has it all, but when Morgan's dad and Summer's mum start dating, it all goes wrong. how will they cope when their lives are falling apart?


9. Morgan

It was hard not to worry.

Winter, one of my sister's, painted my nails 'cloud blue'. She had done my hair into two french plaits and added cute bows. Mum had arranged for Morgan and I to be next to each other in separate beds. Her cousin Tiara flew in from Australia just to see her! Tiara and winter had become really good friends.

I found out that I had fractured my ankle, broken two of my fingers and bruised my shoulder. 

But I was allowed to move around on my crutches, even though they took a while to get used to. 

Morgan was bound to a wheel chair as she sprained her ankle and broken her collar bone and couldn't use crutches.


Mum took us home in our little blue fiat, Nick was in bed as he hadn't had any sleep or three nights now, neither had I really.

Nosy Mrs Collins from next door asked,

"Are you back now then?"

Mum replied sweetly,

"Yes thank you Lillian, bad weekend!"

I had missed a whole week of school! But knowing my teachers, they would all want me to catch up on the work I've missed.

The accident had been all over the news and Fairpark had been closed down temporarily for 're construction' purposes.

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