Summer Taylor's life is turned upside down when her new step-sister Morgan moves in. Morgan is beautiful, shiny red curls, big green eyes and rosy cheeks. she has it all, but when Morgan's dad and Summer's mum start dating, it all goes wrong. how will they cope when their lives are falling apart?


14. Home

I sat on the rickety bench in the garden, Morgan and I were making friendship bracelets whilst Mum and Nick were inside.

Morgan sighed,

"Do you think they'll come back outside?"

My eyes fixed onto the bracelet I was braiding, I didn't want to think about that yet.

"Maybe, once they finish making goo-goo eyes at each other."

Morgan was staring into the house, like some sad hawk.

"Why does this bother us so much?"

I shrug,

"I don't know, I think it's because it just happened so suddenly, that's all, it's not so bad!"

The door slammed, making Morgan and I jump. Winter came outside, carrying two full jugs of lemonade.

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