Summer Taylor's life is turned upside down when her new step-sister Morgan moves in. Morgan is beautiful, shiny red curls, big green eyes and rosy cheeks. she has it all, but when Morgan's dad and Summer's mum start dating, it all goes wrong. how will they cope when their lives are falling apart?


5. Fairpark

Nick picked us up at 2 in his massive black Land Rover. 

"Oh cheers Nick!"

"No prob Kylie!"

I sat next to Morgan, her red curls tied in two low bunches, light blue chiffon top, burgundy skater skirt and silver pumps. She smiled at me as I slipped into the seat next to her.

"So, er, which school do you go to?"

"Bluewater High, why do you ask?"

she blushed,

"Oh well, I might be joining Bluewater High!"

I smiled, I suppose Morgan wasn't so bad, she was just trying to be friendly, what harm could be done?

We chatted all the way through the two and a half journey to Fairpark, we giggled about embarrassing times and scary times. 


I have to admit,

Morgan's cool! 

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