Summer Taylor's life is turned upside down when her new step-sister Morgan moves in. Morgan is beautiful, shiny red curls, big green eyes and rosy cheeks. she has it all, but when Morgan's dad and Summer's mum start dating, it all goes wrong. how will they cope when their lives are falling apart?


11. Dating?

I woke up on Monday morning, Nick was already there.

When I walked down for breakfast, Nick had his arm around her, but quickly shrugged it off when I appeared in the doorway. Mum asked,

"Nice sleep Sum?"

"Yeah, well.... I guess yeah."

Mum gulped her tea down, I shovelled my cereal down my throat and met Morgan, it was her first day at Bluewater High. She was shaking as we walked down the cobbled drive, the smell of the sea greeted us and the salty breeze. Morgan took a deep breath and held the straps of her bag tightly.


She didn't have any trouble making friends though, being that pretty and all. She simply flicked her red curls and giggled, then all eyes were on her. Especially Eddie Albrough's. I was jealous in a way, not about Eddie Albrough, but the way she just fitted in immediately. She was lucky. Also I was happy for her, she was happy too.

We walked home after tech, laughing.


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