Meet Amelia. She's gorgeous, musically gifted, and has the kindest heart you'll ever know.

She is in love with Harry, the wonderfully wicked, soon-to-be singer who has been waiting for their graduation to fully commit his life to her.

Everything so wonderfully perfect, that she might as well plan her life out right now!

But, all people must know hardship to appreciate happiness for what it really is.


1. The Discovery

"Harry, I'm home!" 


My voice echoed throughout the small house and I giggled as I heard him running through the hallway, his green eyes lighting up at the sight of me. I squealed as he spun me around and pulled me into a huge bear hug. I grinned and shut my eyes as he lifted my chin with his two fingers and planted a kiss on my delicate lips.


I opened my eyes as I took in his face. Those round dimples tracing his red lips and his pale skin complimenting his bright, emerald eyes. His curls jostled around his perfectly sculpted face and I gingerly ran my hands through them, watching as the same lovesick expression that fell upon my features every time I saw him made it's grand entrance.


I almost melted on the spot.


I sunk into him and I could feel him smile against me. I nuzzled my head into his chest, breathing in his scent and feeling more and more content as he asked about my day at school.


"How was music?" I felt Harry's snicker reverberate through his chest. I scoffed and he laughed. He knew damn well that music sucked. After all, he studied it last year with the same boring old teacher and the same tedious exercises I'm suffering through.


"When's Anne going to be back?" I glanced up at him through my eyelashes, and he held back a smile, foolishly assuming I wouldn't see right through him. My eyes widened in surprise as I heard a voice bellowing through the corridor.


"She's already here!" 


I looked up at Harry and he lifted me over his shoulder. I squealed and giggled as Harry swung the door open and stepped out into the dazzling sunlight. I fought to be put down, cackling into the fresh air around us. I sighed in defeat, going limp and, feeling his grip tighten around my waist, pulled on his curls as he tried to swat me away, earning a laugh from him that I swear could move mountains.


"Where are we going?" I said, in between spurts of psychotic chuckling. Harry always seemed to make light of an awkward situation. I felt him slow to a stop as he swung me around so that he was carrying me in such a way that I could see his mesmerising green eyes without needing to struggle. He caught my gaze and smiled down at me, sending my heart into a flurry of wooziness. 


"Somewhere private." Harry plopped me down onto the pavement and proceeded to try to wrap me into a bear hug. I squirmed around, feeling the familiar British cold bite into my skin, and I snickered as Harry placed sloppy kisses all over my neck.


"Now we can have all the privacy we want." Harry wiggled his eyebrows at me and I started to crack up, watching as Harry caught my eye and let out a content sigh, before joining me in my hysterical cackling. Five minutes later, Anne came out of her study to find us on the driveway outside of the house in fits of laughter. She sighed, knowing there was probably an inside joke linked to this unexpected reaction, and turned on her heels, chuckling under her breath.


Once me and Harry were both safely inside, I saw his expression soften as he pushed me up against the wall, tracing my high cheekbones and gazing intently into my chocolatey-brown eyes. My brown, straight hair fell in front of my eyes and Harry brushed the strands back against my ear.


I remembered the first time I ever met him, and I could hardly believe that he was finally here, in my arms, loving me with a magnitude that could move mountains. It was strange, really, because when we did first meet, Harry seemed to want anyone but me. It was confusing, but in the end, it all worked out.


"I love you." He leant into me as he pushed his lips into mine, gently moving along with my passionate movements and biting on my bottom lip and pulling with his teeth. I grinned against his lips and we grudgingly ripped our lips away from each other.


He reached into his back pocket, clasping a red piece of paper in his hand. I peeked around his shoulder curiously and he laughed and angled the mysterious object away from me. I reached around me and squeezed my waist hard, pinning my arms to my side as he held the paper in his deadly grip.


"Ok, this is some big news... Are you ready? Of course you are. Anyway, I am going to-"


The familiar jingle on my outdated Nokia phone rang through our ears and jostled inside my back pocket, causing Harry to shut his mouth mid-sentence. I laughed as I sheepishly reached into my pocket. I checked the caller I.D. and I frowned as the name shone brightly in front of me. I held the phone close to my ear and stared at Harry as I talked.


"Hi Mum. You know I'm at Harry's, right?" I spoke cautiously, because mum never calls me when she knows I go to Harry's every night for an hour to study and...




I heard her breathe shakily as she rustled some papers and coughed awkwardly. I stared down at the floor, and Harry held my free hand, knowing something was wrong. 


"I know that, yeah. But this is about your test results." Mum started to tremble, and my heart stopped. I'd had to take a blood test last week, because of a 'complication' in my general check-up. I hadn't been worried, because the doctor said it was probably nothing, but now I felt a chill run down my spine and I squeezed Harry's hand, feeling my knees tremble.


Last time she called me at Harry's house, she forgot I was there and almost called the police because she couldn't find me. She only calls with bad news, and that could only mean one thing...


"It's not good, the blood test proved that you certainly had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. That means-" I froze. I knew what Lymphoma was. My friend's sister had Lymphoma. Hodgkins meant that they'd seen it before, and it was twice as easy to cure, but Non-Hodgkins... I shook my head, refusing to believe anything she was saying. This isn't happening. I repeated in my head, willing this news to be anything but true.


"Blood cancer." she spat the words out like a poison. I gasped and Harry bent down to look straight into my eyes, checking for any hint of what was going on. I mouthed 'Cancer' and his eyes widened.


"I would've taken you with me to the appointment, but I didn't think... I wish I could be there honey, I really do." I didn't say anything, watching as Harry shook his head in disbelief. I put the phone on speaker and Harry and I listened to mum crying into the phone.


"You have an appointment tomorrow with the local hospital, and we'll discuss your treatment then."


Harry pointed at me in a way that said 'Wait, you have cancer? Did I hear you right? Are you sure this isn't just a horrible prank?' And I sighed and nodded. He didn't move for a few seconds, taking it all in. He shook his head in denial, and I shoved him aside and started to pace back and forth, watching as he started to beat the wall with his fist.


"How long have I got?" 


"Honey calm down-"


"How long do I have!" I almost yelled into the phone and Harry, a tear rolling down his face, wrapped his arms around me from behind. I erupted into tears and he cooed into my ear, consoling himself as well as me. I turned to curl up into his chest and we sunk down to the floor together.


"Ok. Here it goes... They said it was a rare one, that maybe they could fix it. But if they didn't.." She sobbed into the phone, and I felt the tears gushing down my face. I didn't say anything for a whole minute. Mum asked me if I was alright, and I grunted and hung up. I screamed, falling back into Harry's arms and he shouted my name, watching as I thrashed about angrily.


"How long, Amelia!" He shouted over my screaming and yelling. I stopped and turned to face him, holding back my tears as much as possible. I stared deeply into his eyes and took a deep breath as I ushered the earth shattering words. I watched as the piece of paper, now crumpled from Harry's terrified clutches, lay lifelessly on the floor. The red-and-white print was now clearly visible, and, for the millionth time this day, I felt my heart stop.


"One year." I murmured as the words 'X-factor Auditions' bore into me like a drill to the centre of my heart.




Hi guys! I've just edited this chapter to let you know a little bit about my story. Basically, this is before Harry's gone on to X-factor. This was the day he officially decided to audition, and Amelia (Harry's girlfriend, as you can probably tell) has just found out she has a rare type of blood cancer. The story won't be about her cancer, and it won't be obvious fiction (things that you know didn't happen. i.e Harry proposing to a girl on X-factor, because that clearly didn't happen), it's going to be a story based around how their relationship would work. I mean, what would you do if your girlfriend had cancer? There will be heartbreak and overloads of emotion, but stay tuned for more BitterSweet!!!

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