Fake Dating Justin Bieber


2. chapter two.

"I thought you didn't like Justin?" Beth asked me, randomly. We were on our way to a concert.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused. I mean, hello, big belieber here.

"The paps caught a bad article that could really ruin your good girl image." She said, still seeming calm. She looked at me this time and I kept my glance on the back of the chair in front of me.

"What do you mean?" I repeated. She picked up her phone and typed something. She handed it to me. I almost dropped it at the heading, my mouth forming a large 'o' and the gasping sound wasn't far from it.

"WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!" I shouted. Kicking the back of the chair in front of me. Scooter, who was sat in front of me, looked round. I shoved the phone in his face.

"You guys.. Kissed? I thought you didn't want to date him." Scooter said, looking up from the phone with confusing written on his face.

"He didn't kiss me! He put me in the car! This was a week ago! Oh my god!" I yelled at Scooter. Scooter looked as if he didn't know what to say, and I threw the phone and looked out of the window, my knuckles resting under my chin and my legs lifted up so I was curled on the chair. Beth picked her phone up from the ground and clicked the lock button and watched the back of the chair in front of her. I pushed all the guilty feelings away and looked out at the people living their lives outside the car window. I was supposed to be doing a concert today, but after that, I don't feel up for it, not like I'm going to bail out.. I can't do that. But, I'll do my best. Take or leave.

"One hour Faith!" Charley shouted to me, she was the stage director. She told everyone what to do and how to be like, even though I suggested everyone be themselves, she suggested, or should I say, commanded, that what I'm wearing, they have to match. So yay them if I want to be a kitty.

"Justin will be here soon." Scooter yelled, walking past my dressing room. I rolled my eyes. I was fed up and him being my opening act really wouldn't help the whole paparazzi drama. I continued to tell myself I wouldn't think of that. But every time I got it out of my mind, something would remind me of Justin. I got up from my purple, bowl chair and walked towards my mirror. Surrounding it were pictures of me and my family, my Mum and my dad. I also had pictures of my princesses, the ones they had sent me. This was my hometown, so this was my dressing room. I have only played round my country, so I haven't bothered in taking any down. Not that I would anyway, this is like, my main dressing room and concert arena and I know all of it like the back of my hand.

"Oh look, it's just in time!" My manager yelled, pushing in some massive box. I turned quickly.

"I just got him out of my head!" I yelled, giving her my best evils. She stopped pushing and looked at me confused.

"Got who out of your head?" She asked, dropping the box inside of the doorway and tilting her head slightly. I opened my mouth to speak, but the devil appeared out of nowhere with his signature grin that made me broken. "Justin!" She yelled brightly, opening her arms for a hug which he kindly gave her. Awwww. He so sweet. Wait, no he's not! He got me into bad press.

"Hey you!" I shouted, pointing at him and walking towards him. He licked his lips, instantly knowing what I was mad at.

"Look, they'll get over-" I interrupted him.

"I don't care! I am bad and not good and I am, I have bad press and I can't, you! You got me this. You could have just put me in the car, like a normal human being, but no," I dragged out the 'o'. "You had to do whatever you did and now they think we kissed and I know I agreed to this stupid fake stunt, but now they think I'm bad!" I walked closer to him, tripping up the stairs but keeping my cool. I pushed the box out of the way. "And now, now I'm done with this stunt. And for your information, Mr Justin Bieber, I love kidrauhl, I love Justin. You. I don't know who you are!" I pushed him into the wall and stormed out, finding the nearest exit and pushing the door open. I was greeted by the cold breeze, which instantly cooled me down. The door slowly closed and I leant on the adjacent wall. I took my phone from my pocket and unlocked it. I went onto Facebook and checked my notifications. I had a few, but most were just game requests. I didn't get much attention on Facebook, like most people would think, it's a private account and only my family and best friend are on it. I clicked on her name, as she was online and looked through her profile. She hadn't posted much. I clicked on the inbox icon and messaged her asking how she was.

Faith Mandal:

Hey Cait! How are you? Long time no speak!

She replied seconds later.

Caitlin Peters:

Hey Faith. I'm fine. Not my fault we haven't been talking.

Well. That was nice, I locked my screen, not wanting to other with an argument and looked up at the grey blue sky. It was a nice night, but you could tell the rain was going to kick in sooner or later. Probably sooner. I heard faint screams and I smiled. They were most likely my fans. I walked to the noise, it getting louder with every footstep then suddenly it erupted before me as they noticed me. Bodyguards tried to battle them off, but I pushed them away and began to sign and talk to my Princesses. Surely I am allowed to do that?

"Faith! Hi! I'm your biggest fan!" She smiled brightly, beaming at me, almost throwing her pen and book at me. I grabbed the pen and signed it. I smiled and she screamed and got swallowed whole by the wave of fans. I smiled as fans started taking pictures and I tried to get in all of them and be looking at the camera.

"Faith, are you and Justin dating? For like, real? I saw the article?" A sudden, and more eager scream from all the fans was heard and I didn't feel like signing anything else. I shook my head and allowed the bodyguards to push the fans away. I waved a half heartedly goodbye and made my way back to my getaway.

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