Fake Dating Justin Bieber


6. chapter six.

"I hope you won't really fall in love with me Faith," Justin said, he sounded tired and I bet he was. I made him run around the pitch with me on his back. Right now though, we were stuck in an airplane heading to America. I sympathetically smiled, trying to push away the thoughts in my head. I knew he wouldn't like me back. Heck, he doesn't even want me to like him.

"Why would I like you?" I asked, scrunching up my nose. "Excuse me, I have standards and that sagging of the butt thing, just does not go with me!" I clicked my fingers, he shook his head.

"Seriously," He said. "I mean, seriously. I'm not the sort of person to fall in love with. I get clingy and... just don't. I won't be worth it, I won't catch you." He got up and went to sit next to Scooter. I stared at where he was sat, seconds ago. The words running through my head. I move into a more comfortable position and put my earphones in, hopefully blocking all the broken feeling and thoughts rushing through my head like a tornado. I knew he was in love with Selena. I knew this was all fake, so why did I care so much? I shuffled through my songs, not really paying any attention to it. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

I heard Scooter's voice calling my name. I opened my eyes to see the plane now deserted and Scooter trying to wake me up. I stood up, regaining my balance and catching my fallen earphones. I leant back down to find my bag, which wasn't there.

"Justin has your bag." Scooter said, relieving me. My eyes then went wide in shock.

"My diary is in that bag!" I yelled, pushing past Scooter and through the aisle. I got out of the plane and looked around. Scooter came up behind me.

"Is it important?" He asked, I nodded. "Well, the car will be here in about," He looked at his phone and a black car drove up. "Now." He smiled, walking towards it, with me following.

"Can you drive any faster?" I yelled at the driver who was currently going slower than a high turtle.

"Faith, calm down, he's doing the speed limit," Scooter told me, giving me some sort of look meaning shut up and don't be rude.

"But my Grandma can get there faster!" I whined, impatiently tapping my foot.

"We're here," Scooter said. I jumped up, hitting my head on the car roof.

"Ow!" I rubbed my throbbing head and tried to get out. Scooter smirked.

"Child lock!" He laughed.

"That means you're locked in here too, dummy!" I shouted, he stopped laughing. The driver let us out and I fell into him. "Sorry!" I called back, as I made it for the door.

Luckily for me, it was open and there weren't any press. Yay me! I walked into the foyer, no one was there. I made my way through to the family room, where I heard voices.

"I think she likes me," I heard Justin say. I froze. No no no! "I know I shouldn't have, but I read her diary. She was explaining a boy," He continued. Yesss! It could be anyone! "But the only boy she's been around recently, is me." He finally stated. I mentally cursed myself and quietly walked up the stairs, in complete misery. Why why why?

I sat in my new bed sulking. I don't care if I'm being a five year old over this. I fell for him, and he doesn't like me back. I think that gives me some sort of right to be a five year old about this! I heard someone knock on my door and I looked up, at the door.

"Hey Faith, we're all heading out for something to eat, you in?" Justin's familiar voice came through the door. If I spoke now, I would have surely given away that I was crying. I don't cry. Especially over love. If this is even love. Whatever it is, I don't want it. I ignored the door, in hope he would go away. I watched underneath the door as the light became brighter signalling that he had walked away. I got up, slowly, moving myself towards the door and listened for the front door to slam shut. I opened my door and crept through the landing. I wasn't sure if anyone had stayed behind, I wasn't going to risk Justin staying behind. I walked down the stairs into the foyer and turned right to find myself in the family room. I looked around quickly, spotting my bag in a far off chair, where Justin must have been sitting. I slowly walked towards it, when near, grabbing it and running back upstairs to my room with it. Only to empty it out on my bed and notice my diary was missing. He must still have it.

I grabbed my phone from my bed and dialled Scooter's number.

"Scooter!" I yelled down the phone.

"Hey Faith, we thought you were asleep," his reply came. I shook my head and groaned.

"No! Where's my diary?" I yelled louder, Scooter sort of gave an I don't know murmur. "Ask that son of a b what he did with my diary!" I shouted through my phone, then heard it echo, which meant it was definitely on speaker phone, which meant that I had called the Justin Bieber a son of a b in front of not only the son, but the apparent b. "I didn't mean that! Just where's my diary? Justin I know you had it!"

"One, why was you even overhearing our conversation, and two, it wasn't your diary I had! It was Selena's!" Justin's voice came crackling through the phone. My mouth fell open.

"Then where's my... diary?" I asked, getting ready to once again begin sulking.

"How the heck am I supposed to know? Maybe you left it in England," Justin began to get angry. He has every right, I falsely accused him. I pouted.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, then hung up the phone. I got onto the part of my bed that was clear and curled up into a ball, wishing I could just go back and re do everything.

"Five minutes Faith!" The concert manager yelled. I was worried. Also, I wasn't too keen on facing the crowd tonight. Unfortunately, it's my job, so I have no choice. It's not like I don't enjoy performing, I mean I do. I love it. But sometimes I just don't feel like it.

I jumped out of my dressing room, ready to go in my red sparkly dress. Most of my costumes were just cute, bouncy dresses. I never had to actually dance, just run around the stage being hyper, therefore I didn't need any other clothing, yet I wasn't that restricted.

"Why do you keep smudging your eyeliner?" An angry make up artist yelled at me. I half pouted and shrugged my shoulders. I guessed my eyes didn't want this concert either. I knew I was fidgety so I could understand why she kept yelling. "Keep still, God, do you want to look a mess?" She yelled. I gasped, stepping back away from her.

"Take that back. Don't say the Lord's name in vain. Take. It. Back!" I raised my voice. It wasn't like I was shouting but I wasn't speaking my normal voice. I was obviously offended, of which I am. I don't understand how people can be so rude. If you don't believe, then fine. Go be rude elsewhere.

The make up artist rolled her eyes and put her hands up in surrender.

"Fine! I give up with you! You're such a brat!" She yelled, stomping away. I forced my mouth closed which was open with shock. I am not a brat! I grabbed the eyeliner making my way towards the mirror and put it on. It wasn't perfect, but it'd do.

"Come on Faith," the stage leader said and I rushed out, as I was late there wasn't time for prayer. So me and Pattie did a simple prayer together whilst the others did theirs.

"Good luck Faith," Pattie told me. I smiled at her and waved, being thrown out onto the stage.

"Hi guys!" I greeted the roaring crowd. I smiled and let out a giggle. They were screaming all sorts of things. "I decided I would go for something new today, if that's okay with you?" By the sound of it, it was perfectly okay. "Alright, this is called Heart Attack."

I finished the song, out of breath from prancing around the stage. The Beliebers were still going, eagerly awaiting their king to arrive.

"Bet you all are waiting for Justin?" I said, making it sound like a question. The majority of the crowd screamed back a 'Yes!' And off they went chanting his name. I laughed. "He should be here-" I was interrupted by the loud backing music of All Around The World. "Wait, looks like he's here! Bye guys! Love you," I called, rushing off stage only to fall into Kenny.

"You have to be out there," Kenny said to me.

"Justin's out there," I replied, breathing heavily. Kenny looked at me confused and shook his head.

"Justin shouldn't be out there," Kenny stated. I nodded my head slowly.

"I guess he was just an eager Bieber!" I laughed, rushing off, after pushing past him.

Everyone was watching him perform. No one seemed to have noticed his early arrival, no one seemed to care either. I grabbed a bottle of water and downed it in one, I grabbed another.

"Wow, you must be thirsty," an unfamiliar voice said. I turned around confused to see a Justin sized guy in front of me.

"Hey aren't you-" I was interrupted.

"Yeah I am." He smiled, I nodded my head.

"Cool beans, I'm Faith." I introduced myself, opening the next bottle.

"Lil Za," he smiled. I drank half the next bottle. "You definitely are thirsty," he winked at me. I nodded my head awkwardly.

"I'm gonna go..." I said, moving myself past him and towards the sofa.

"You know, Justin isn't all that great." That did it. I turned around.

"Then why are you even here?" I said, attitude seeping through my voice. He shrugged, smiling in the gangsta way. I rolled my eyes. "Justin can do better."

"Justin can do better what?" I heard Justin say, he was out of breath. Which was sexy as heck. I opened my mouth to talk, but shook my head giving Za a disgusted look. I went towards the sofa, sitting down watching the Beliebers go crazy, wishing they were my Princesses. I felt someone tug on my arm. I looked up and saw Justin. "Talk to me," he said. Pulling me up and pulling me with him so he could change. I closed my eyes. "Oh please. I know you want to see this," Justin flirted. I gave him a sarcastic look. "Changed," he said. "Now tell me."

"Za is just being an idiot," I said, my eyes now open. "Can you put a shirt on, please. Before I melt into pixie dust," I looked around for a shirt, found one and threw it at him.

"You love it," he winked.

"Just because I do doesn't necessary mean I have to see it every time I look at you, now get out there, babies are to be made, go!" I said, pushing him out.

"Tell me later, everything." He called back. He went and I sat down in the chair of his dressing room. I didn't want to tell him. That would hurt him. But not telling him would hurt him in the long run. Ugh.

My manager pretty much told me that I was staying on the tour, no matter what. I decided because I was being forced to be on this tour, I might as well be the opening act. Justin hasn't spoken to me since Friday, it was now Wednesday. In all fairness, I hadn't left my room therefore he can't really speak to me.

Beth had been in quite a few times. More to remind me about concert dates. Scooter was the one who came in to actually talk to me, he told me I should come out. Justin doesn't grudge. But in all honesty, I didn't bother. I don't want to be here, so why should I socialize?

I mean that in the less conceited manner. I've been writing songs, in here. They aren't much but I can perform them for Beliebers. I don't know if they know, Justin probably put some cryptic message up and since we haven't been seen together, I guess we're out of the spotlight.

That's what I hope anyway.

I heard a knock at the door and ignored it. People came in anyway.

"Faith?" I heard them say. I'd go and be crazy and say it was Justin but I wasn't even sure.

"Faith, please don't ignore me," he said. Definitely Justin. Definitely broken.

I got up, leaving a dent in the bed. I walked towards the door, rubbing the dried make up off my face. I opened it and Justin smiled at me.

"I'm so sorry," I started, looking at my feet. He pulled me in for a hug. I hugged back, instantly feeling better but worse as butterflies started to roll up. "I think I'm sick." I told Justin, letting go and holding my stomach.

"No, I feel it too," Justin replied. I looked up at him, confused. I shrugged and hugged him again. He was warm and I was not. "We have a concert," he started, but I interrupted.

"Yeah, I know. I wrote some songs," I said, licking my lips and looking down to my feet.

"Can I hear them?" Justin asked. I shook my head. I wasn't trying to be rude, but I don't like the idea of someone listening to my songs before my Princesses have heard it. Justin chuckled. I looked up at him, confused. He grabbed me by my shoulders and led me to my bed, sitting me down, then he sat next to me. "I'm sorry I got angry down the phone. I just, I don't know why you would think that I would go through your bag, and then through your diary. I guess you weren't to know, but you don't trust me that much?" He made me feel, four hundreds times bad. I put my head down. Which shortly got picked back up, by his hand. "And I will try my hardest to help you find that diary."

"You read Selena's diary, how am I to know you wouldn't read mine" I asked. He smiled.

"I needed proof. Proof she loved me, that it wasn't just a scam." That made me feel times four hundred times bad.

"I'm sorry," I said, quietly. He pulled me in and hugged me. I can't believe I was so stupid.

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