Fake Dating Justin Bieber


7. chapter seven.

Justin came out of the concert looking sweatier than ever. Obviously, I laughed. Obviously, he hugged me. Therefore now, I'm covered in all the Bieber's sweat and I know that would great usually, but yeah. Don't smell too fab.

"So what was it that you wanted to tell me?" Justin said once everyone had left, leaving us two.

"If you recall correctly, I didn't want to tell you anything," I replied, smiling.

"Tell me, I have a right to know. He is MY best friend and if he's hurting my girlfriend then I have a right to know."

"Your girlfriend?" I looked at him. His eyes widened.

"You know, like, girl best friend," I smiled again.

"So Za is like your boyfriend?"

"No!" Justin yelled. "But talking about Za, what's he done?"

"We were talking," I started. Not really wanting to end.

"What about?" Justin asked, I guess he couldn't really read from my face that I didn't want to tell him. I took a deep breath.

"I just, he just, I was drinking and he was being, well, not very clean," Justin chuckled at this. "Then he told me his name and like, I told him mine and he said something."

"What did he say?" Justin asked.

"He was just being mean," I said, jumping up from the sofa we were sat on. Unfortunately, Justin pulled me back.

"What did he say?" He repeated.

"He insulted you, told me you weren't that great," I said, quickly. I got myself out of Justin's grip and ran to the tour bus. I opened the door, seeing Za in the sofa with a Coke in his hands. I walked up to him and grabbed the drink, pouring it down him. Probably the baddest thing I've ever done. Za jumped up and I ran to my bunk, jumping down onto it and just giving up. I don't want to be in the middle of this. What if Justin doesn't believe me? How can someone be so mean? I got out of my bed and decided it was time to quit being such a baby and look for Justin. I wasn't too bothered whether he believed me or not but that didn't bother me. What bothered me was that I hadn't heard him come back. If he was hurt, I don't know what I'd do. Or how to explain it, to +42 million Beliebers. I walked out into the main part of the tour bus where Scooter, Za and Alfredo was sat. It looked as if the worry for Justin hadn't even struck their minds.

"Hey, you guys, Justin hasn't came back yet!" I yelled, interrupting their video game jam. Za rolled his eyes, continuing to play. Alfredo paused the game and him and Scooter set their controls down. Za tutted, throwing his on the coffee table. I rolled my eyes at his patheticness.

"Maybe we should look for him," Scooter suggested. I gave him a 'duh' face and clapped my hands.

"I'll try his phone," Alfredo said whilst dialling Justin's phone number. We waited eagerly but no response. I sighed in frustration, running my hand through my hair.

"He's got to be somewhere!" I yelled, mostly at Za since he was paying no attention.

"You call yourself a Belieber and you don't even," Za started. "He's at the club, obviously." Za clarified. I gasped in realization and ran out the bus door, luckily it was unlocked otherwise that would hurt. I wasn't even sure where the club was but I knew it couldn't be far since Justin supposedly got there by foot. Unless of course, he knew people. He's Justin Bieber, he knows people. I mentally face palmed.

"The nearest club is about ten minutes, in that direction." Alfredo said, pointing towards some major dark street.

"Oh yay, dark street," I looked the opposite way which was lit up. I groaned. "Typical." I sighed. "Come on, we better get going," I said, taking a deep breath.

"We can take the bus," Scooter suggested.

"And alert everyone that the Justin Bieber has gone missing, let the suicidal rates go up my friend!" I replied, sarcastically. "Come on, who knows he's still in the stupid club?" I said, whilst taking off, running as fast as my legs could take me.

"I don't even understand that girl sometimes," I could hear behind me. They were supposedly running, but I can't even run fast therefore they mustn't have been running. I decided I was better off without running with them so I knew that I'd have to speed up. I wanted to know exactly where Justin was and I could tell he was close. What? I'm obsessed with the kid. Not like that though, duh.

I reached a sort of opened town and I could hear the beats of the club. I was pretty much out of breath by now. I was terribly unfit. As you might have guessed because I have ran a total about one times during and that was just then.

I went straight to the bouncer who laughed at my sight. Well, hello to you too.

"I need to go in there," I said, jumping around trying to get a glance in there to see if there was any commotion or screaming Beliebers.

"You can't, you're underage," the bouncer replied, simply. I scoffed

"Okay, did Justin Bieber go in there?" I asked, hoping he'd give me an answer.

"I can't give you that information," He replied.

"Yes you can! That's the beauty of it! You can! Please! I need to speak to him," I pleaded.

"Sorry, no can do Faith," he shrugged, waving me off. Scooter won't want to go in there and Za will just encourage him. Plus, they aren't even here yet. I looked around, for somewhere to get in. I spotted an alleyway which might have leaded to a back door. I widened my eyes, walking towards it. I looked around for a door, unfortunately there wasn't. I looked around the walls desperately, any way to get in, would be a good way.

"I cannot believe I'm doing this," I whispered to myself as I spotted a garbage chute. I climbed into the green, massive bin and instantly got sucked into the rubbish.

"Ewww!" I squealed. What? I'm not used to this. I grabbed onto the giant hole in the wall and looked up to see if anything was coming down. To my luck, nothing. I climbed up it, probably knowing I was going to slide down it. I landed in the rubbish again. I looked up, and watched as a whole load of other rubbish landed on top of me. I groaned and shook the rubbish off of me trying my best to stand up and not to die in the sinking rubbish. I jumped up once more allowing myself to grab on to nothing. I pulled myself up, hoping to actually pull myself up and not get pushed down. I climbed, using all my might and my new climbing skills. I reached the top of the chute hill, I was on stable ground but it was so small I couldn't even sit in the chute. I'd have to become an army man or something. I squeezed myself through and noticed a colourful square which had to of been the club since I doubt the makers put a colourful square in just for fun. I pulled myself towards it, not really controlling my speed.

I fell fast into someone.

"What the hell?" I heard, yelling as they pushed me off.

"Ow," I moaned, holding my bruised head. I'm only guessing, but something had to have happened to it for it to hurt this much. I got up, getting my sight back and I looked at the boy who I had landed on and who had roughly pushed me off his lap.

"Oh my god! You're Faith Mandal!" He yelled, catching everyone's attention.

"Oh no," I squeaked as about a hundred people turned and looked my way, then ran towards me. I walked back trying to get away from them. I took my chance when I spotted an opening and I ran for my life. I looked back which was stupid because next thing I knew I had tripped down the stairs.

"Faith, is that you?" I heard a familiar voice. It lifted me up, since I had fallen on him.

"Justin, oh my god!" I hugged him.

"Why are you here?" He asked, confusion on his face.

"I was looking for you," I replied, closing my eyes as my head gave another thump of pain.

"Why was you looking for me? To feed me more lies?" He said, his tone dropping.

"What?" I said, looking up. "I'm not, I wasn't lying to you!" I shouted in defence.

"Za is my best friend," Justin said, calmly.

"Oh yeah, your best friend. He's practically ruined your career Justin!" I yelled, hurting my head even more. I held it as I gained my own balance. "He's going to kill you! All this!" I said, waving my arms around, indicating the club. "All these stupid drinks, and all these stupid drugs!" I yelled louder, taking a packet of whatever from his hand and throwing it.

"I'm not going to die," Justin said, rolling his eyes. "You're being over dr-"

"What?" I said yelling, interrupting him. "I'm being over dramatic!" I ran my fingers through my hair. "You'll see who's being so flipping dramatic when you aren't here anymore because you've changed for some guy with weed! Our Justin wouldn't do this. You're not Kidrauhl, not who, any of us, thought you'd be, you've changed and I don't want you to die!" I yelled, breaking out in tears. "I don't want to wake up one day, and not have you around Justin." I sighed as his face softened.

"I-" he started, I shook my head, dismissing him.

"Save it," I said, walking out of the club.

"I told you, you wasn't allowed-" the bouncer shouted to me. At that moment, Za, Scooter and Alfredo all turned up.

"Nice to see you guys, congrats Za, you're going to kill my idol because he's being all stubborn. Thanks, thanks a lot, I hope you rot," I shook my head, starting my quiet road back to the bus.

I didn't want to give up so easily but I also didn't want to pest the boy. Sure he'd gone back on his promise but I knew he would. Promises are meant to be broken. The paparazzi probably knew by now that I had sneaked into a club to find Justin, then stormed out and had a word with Za. They hadn't seen us for a while since I'm more of an indoors person. I hate seeing paparazzi so I stay in most of the time, so getting me more fame was completely useless as I haven't really got the fame.

I got into the bunk at the bottom, pulling the covers over me. I didn't want to think about today. At least I knew for next time if someone says something cruel about someone else just to ignore them and not get myself involved. As selfish as that is and would probably blow up on me at the end, that is what I'm deciding to stick with. Ever since I met Justin all these weird big things have been happening. I've never had so many paparazzi spot me. Usually they don't. So the ones that have tonight and any other night I've been out, are probably in for some big money.

I suppose now I know where I stand with Justin. This whole fake relationship thing barely started for itself. I guess I hoped, deep inside, that this would turn into a real thing when in reality it barely even started. This was perhaps one of the most boring adventures of my life. Maybe other than the whole trash chute extravaganza. I suppose that shows what you do for the person you love.

Yes, I love Justin. I always have. I am a Belieber. Justin has always been my love, I love him but he doesn't love me. Spending time with him, through this, experiment, we could say, has really helped me to get to know the real him. It also helped me get to know the real me. I would in fact risk my image for the person I love. Although I don't really care to much about my image. If I did, I'd be out flaunting myself and loving up to Justin as if he was the only boy in the world and I had to help populate the world with him.

Not that I'd mind that at all.

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