Fake Dating Justin Bieber


1. chapter one.

My phone beeped again showing me exactly the same message it had showed me two minutes ago. This text reminder was doing my head in. I knew full well what the text message said, without even looking down on my screen.'Meeting immediately'. I rolled my eyes and sighed. Unfortunately, I hated meetings, which wasn't good for my damn manager Beth, because she loved them. She liked the idea of all of us getting together and discussing future projects. Okay, so I'm in no way saying I hate that idea. It's just, can't it be more fun? Like you know, over food? Over nice food? Like, last time we had a meeting we had fast food. And, this wasn't the nice kind of fast food, you know like Chinese or Pizza, this was McDonalds. No offence if you like it or anything. But I don't. Judge me, you think I care? I get judged every day and if you think judging me because I don't like McDonalds is going to make me bow down and weep. Try again. I had been in and out of meetings all month and it was starting to get to me. I'd only been signed two months ago and I'm starting to regret it because there are so many rules that I have to follow. They all want me big, I'm not saying I don't want me big. But, can being big require some sleep? Because I haven't started wearing concealer for no reason. I walked outside the grand hotel in Paris, the streets weren't so busy, but it was a happy street. There was no danger, it was France. It was beautiful. That was that. I waited quietly admiring the large park in front of the hotel for my driver Aurelio, to come around with my purple range rover. What? I'm sixteen. I can't drive yet. I was glad it was early, this had meant that the paparazzi hadn't bothered to get up and come stand outside the hotel waiting and interrogating anyone that came out of the hotel. Staff and all. Aurelio ran towards me, smiling. His casual clothing put a smile on my face. About a month ago, he would be running around after me in a penguin suit and I'm not royalty, therefore, why would I want that? I like Aurelio. He's normal. He is like a normal guy that drives me around because I can't. Not that I'd want to. I get terribly car sick and I'd probably end up throwing up all over the wheel and be in the news for DUI or something."How are you today?" Aurelio asked, his Latin accent making the words sound more difficult than they were. I smiled at him.

"I'm good thank you, how are you?" I asked the tall man, with a brown flop of hair on his head, a brown moustache fitting on his face. He nodded."Better now, my queen." He opened the door for me and I got in. That's how I was known as a queen, which could only mean; my followers were princesses. And so they were, my beautiful princesses. This can obviously only mean my haters are peasants. Of which they are. We make quite a team. Talking about my princesses, where were they?

Aurelio quickly started off the car and set off for the mystery meeting place. The road began to get thinner before it got wider and I wasn't sure if this was where he was going to kill me. Assassination, sounds about right. However we kept going and going, and before long we were back in civilisation, but this wasn't as peaceful and romantic as Paris. At least, it didn't look like it. I heard an eruption of flashes and screaming girls, Aurelio pulled up in front of an unknown building and opened the door for me, letting me out into the chaotic rain of screaming cameras and flickering fans. I couldn't help, but not sign everything my Princesses threw in front of me, if I hadn't, I'd be classed as rude. And, Faith Mandal, isn't rude. Take that to your media articles.

I walked into the building and walked straight to the nearest, official looking person who was behind a desk and her brown hair was tied tightly in a bun. She was concentrating on her computer screen, only looking up to trace for mistakes.

“Excuse me?” I smiled, politely, looking at the woman who seemed to flush and stand up, sticking her arm towards me. I took her hand awkwardly and shook it. I smiled. “I don't know where I'm meant to be.”

“Second floor, first room on the right,” she spoke rushed. “Wait before you go, could you sign this?” She pushed a document towards me. “Make it to Alice” she smiled. I quickly glimpsed at her name tag which clearly said 'Alice', I smiled and signed the document making it out to her. I waved my goodbyes and ran for the stairs.

I knocked on the door and waited. About ten seconds later, Beth opened the door and greeted me with her sugary sweet smile.

“Look, I don't know why I'm here but I'd much rather be spending the day with my Princesses because if you haven't realised, it's my day off and,” I turned around to face my crew. “I don't mean to be rude but-” my mouth fell open in shock.

“I want you to meet-” My manager started.

“I know his name!” I said, well, squeaked. He smirked and I looked down, I obviously sounded stupid. I tugged shyly on the ends of my hair and licked my lips then bit my lip softly. “Can I go? I mean, if I stay I probably won't have any hair left.” I requested anxiously, I looked up and Mr. Perfect was looking at me with a satisfied grin on his face. My manager did a nervous laugh which obviously meant she was nervous too.

“You have to stay, this is a meeting,” she said, giving me the look. I putted a finger up to her, implying she gave me a second. Something overtook me and I managed to walk over to Justin and hug him tight. I had no idea what I was doing but all sense of nerves left when he hugged me back, clasping his arms around me.

“You're cute, you know that?” He said, I smiled, obviously blushing. Wouldn't you if your idol just called you cute? I literally died right there and then. I refused to let go of him, which seemed to be fine with him because he didn't let go of me. Since I was just under five foot and he was under six, my head managed to go three quarters the way up his chest. I was the height of a twelve year old and I definitely felt like a twelve year old.


What in the blazing heck was that? I jumped round, looking around for the source of the flash. Surely no paparazzi had managed to get in. I was wrong, Scooter was clearly a newbie pap and was eagerly taking pictures of me and Mr. Perfect. Scooter smiled at me, showing me the photo on his phone.

“Say hello to Hollywood's newest hottest couple.”

And there I stood in the arms of Justin Drew Bieber. My idol. Unfortunately however, that seemed all too good to be true. Which meant I couldn't stop laughing. I could have sworn that they just called us a couple. A couple? Me and Justin? Justin Bieber and me? Justin and I? I and Justin? I mean, Justin was great but Justin was one of them joke along things you do with your fans. Not something that comes true.

"I coulda sworn you just said couple," I said, blinking a couple of times.

"Yes," Scooter replied bluntly.

"What? No! I can't date him! I can hardly be in the same room with him without pulling my hair out. And what about my Princesses. What are they going to think? That I've been keeping things from them! I'm not like that. No, do I not get a choice?" I sighed. I looked at Justin for moral support, who just looked hurt. I felt my whole world collapse. I wasn't even listening anymore, to Beth, who was telling me that not going along with this would be a bad idea. I shook my head. "I can't lie, not to them," I walked out of the office fast, running down the stairs, out of the building. I ran past everyone and straight into the car. "Thank you for waiting, I wouldn't know what I would have done if you weren't here," I said, sadly buckling myself into the car as he started the car up. I looked out of the window as he started driving, it began pouring with rain. "Oh, pathetic fallacy," I whispered to myself as the droplets fell sadly down the window. I guess Aurelio figured I was down and decided against our normal chat. He was good like that. I knew why I was hurt. Justin. His face. But surely he could not want this too? What about us? His beliebers? I don't want to lie. Lying is against everything to me. It's the same as sinning and I don't want to sin. I can't make everyone happy. I told my Princesses that I wasn't planning on meeting him, not for a long time. At least not until, everyone I could make got to meet him too. I just, I knew I had to talk to my Princesses about this. I had to come clean. It was tearing me apart. The car finally stopped and I got out, running past the paparazzi. I hoped none of my Princesses were there because I didn't want to ignore them, I just didn't want them to see me upset either. I quickly walked up to my room and slid the card through the unlock. I walked towards my bed, picking up my laptop, setting it up to Twitter, so I could Twitcam. I took a deep breath before plastering a big smile on my face.

"Hi guys! I know this is really early. But I'm free. I guess I also have a confession to make. Today I was greeted with this text," I showed them the meeting text. "Which was a complete bummer because I was meant to be having a day off today, which meant no meetings. But I still went, just in case." I smiled weakly, at the 'just in'. "I met Justin, I didn't know he'd be there. I didn't want to break the promise so I left as quickly as I could. But I'm still sorry. I need to make it up to you, and I will. But that's up to you? But I have a deal, the first person to tweet. I will do." I smiled. Looking at the rolling tweets coming in. Some involved hate against me but I shook it off. "I love you all so much, never forget that." I blew a kiss to the camera, turning it off. I watched as more tweets rolled in. I curled up in front of it watching.

I must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew my phone was screaming tweets at me. I bit my lip with worry and ran my fingers through my hair. I clicked the button to go onto Twitter and saw many answers. I scrolled to the top.

@justinbieber: I dare you to date me.

I froze. That was not expected. I locked my phone fast and looked around as if someone was watching me. I jumped out of my bed, trying to calm myself. I walked into my bathroom and I looked in the mirror. I looked a mess. My hair had gone off in all different directions and my make up was smeared all down my face. I quickly jumped round and shook my head, telling myself I'd look better after the shower. I turned it on and realised I hadn't got a towel, I left the room to look for one, peeking round the doors although I knew no one was in there. I rummaged through my bag for my towel as I didn't like using the hotel towels. They went to a lot of effort cleaning them and I don't like being known as messy. I grabbed my towel and ran through my room back to the bathroom. My eyes went wide as I heard the water still going.

'Oh my god, oh my god' I thought to myself. I opened the curtain slowly and luckily there wasn't any water. 'Well obviously, hello shower. Earth to Faith. Quit thinking about that Bieber kid!'

"I am not thinking about that Bieber kid! And fyi brain, his name is JUSTIN!" I yelled, I put my hand under the water. "OWW!" I stole my hand away and looked at the redness forming. I stopped the shower completely and marched out of the bath room.

"I heard yelling." A familiar voice said. "Actually I heard my name too." I looked over at Justin and my eyes widened.

"How the heck did you get in here? What if I had taken a shower? Would you have marched right on in and asked me to date you!" I yelled, I realised what I had said and then covered my mouth with my hands.

"That's what you were yelling about. Y'know most girls, would be yelling, but maybe in a good way." He smiled, slowly walking closer to me. He went to put his hand out to comfort me, but I stepped back.

"Hey Mister, I may love you and want to have your kids. But hello, you didn't answer my question. I have a uh.." I looked down at what was in my hand. "A towel, and I am not afraid to use it!" I showed him the towel and put on my best menacing face. He chuckled.

"Aurelio let me in." He said simply.

"Um, I think not. Aurelio's nice and kind and.. he just wouldn't okay!" I said, widening my eyes, still glaring at him in my so called menacing way.

"Okay fine, they let me in. I did say I'd pretend to be housekeeping and all, but..." I interrupted him, I burst out laughing.

"Oh my goodness." I tried to say while laughing. "I can just... picture you.. in a dress." I laughed even harder than unwillingly snorted. I stopped altogether and put my hand over my mouth. Justin shook his head at me as he bit his lip.

"I bet I'd look sexy." He said, looking directly at me.

"I know you'd look sexy. But possibly a bit gay too. Perhaps that's your new look and perhaps-" He silenced me, putting his finger over my mouth. My heart stopped. Like broke right there.

"That's not why I'm here. I was the first wasn't I?" He reminded me.

"I don't want to date you Justin. In fact, I shouldn't even be seeing you! Look! I'm lying again!" I threw the towel over my head. I closed my eyes tight. I could hear movement in the room. I figured Justin left after being rejected for the second time. I put my hand up to remove the towel from my head, that was until a hand grabbed mine and pushed me back into the wall.

"Justin! This is assault! Leave before I.. I scream you to death! Yeah, better watch out! Belieber on the loose!" I yelled with the towel still on my head, my arms, now free, flying crazily around me. I heard Justin stifle a chuckle and felt his hand on the towel. He lifted it up.

"We need to date. We need to." Justin said, inches from my face. I swear to flipping chicken that if this boy kisses me, Jerry will no longer live.

"I don't want to! My promise.." Justin rolled his eyes.

"That's already broken." Justin whispered, getting closer. I shook my head and looked at him, pleading to take it back.

"Look, I know you don't want this. I'm not even sure if I want this. You're a good girl, and after.. her, I've been all over the place. They think if I get with you, it'll help me. I don't want to use you or anything but, you have to understand." I gave him my cross face and then noticed how his face looked really upset and how he really wanted this. I looked down.

"But..." I started. Justin smiled at me.

"I'll meet whoever you want me to meet. Show me them and I'll meet them." Justin told me. He held out his pinky. "Pinky promise." I beamed at him. I know I was technically lying, but he looked so cute.

"Okay..." I said, shaking the towel off my head which had put itself upon Justin's too. "How are we going to do this?" Justin shrugged.

"You're the girl. You figure it out." I rolled my eyes.

"Justin Drew Bieber just went from in a relationship to single." I smiled fakely at him, and walked from his grasp.

@FaithLovesU: In your dreams Bieber ;)

I sent that to him just after he had left. I didn't mention him in it because if he could see what I was tweeting about him he could see what his beliebers were. I closed my laptop and reached over to my phone. A message from Beth, my manager, appeared on the screen.


I sighed, possibly over exaggeratedly and threw myself on my bed. It's not that I don't like recording, it's just when you're there every single day, it does get boring. Not to mention she probably wants to yell at me because of what happened yesterday. Also, I had only had that couple hours sleep, so I was tired as heck. I walked over to my closet, looking for something that was comfortable and quickly changed. I put my hair into a high ponytail and grabbed my keys. I sent Aurelio a message asking if he would meet me outside the hotel and within one minute he was there, smiling at me through the car windows. I smiled back and waved, getting into the car.

"To the studio!" I said, half-heartedly and from what I could see, he nodded his head and started the engine. The weather wasn't as bad today, the rain had definitely cleared up but the weather still remained dull. Aurelio didn't speak to me much today either, I was in a better mood and I knew he could sense that. Whatever his problem was, I hope he would fix it. My bad mood came back and as he pulled up outside the studio, I grabbed my bag, and pulled myself out of the car, pushing the door shut. Waving goodbye to Aurelio, who didn't even give a wave goodbye.

I sighed ɑnd entered the building. I walked up to Audrey once more ɑnd she told me room 672 this time. I made my way up the stairs ɑnd knocked on the door.

"What are we recording today?" I ɑsked, my face to the ground. I wasn't happy ɑnd I had no one to hide it from.

"Lights." Beth replied, then pushed me into the booth. I grabbed where she pushed me ɑnd rubbed it. She pushed me quite hard. I stood in front of the microphone, waiting for the sound recordist to give me a thumbs up.

I finished up ɑnd smiled at my manager. She smiled back, appearing a lot happier. Well of course she is, I'm paying her bills. I took the headphones off ɑnd pushed the door open to get out of studio.

"That was great. Same time tomorrow ɑnd then the next day, then concert same day. I don't know what's into you, but cheer up." She spoke, as if she didn't care. I nodded. I looked at my phone noticing Justin had replied to me.

@ FaithLovesU least have a drink with me?

I rolled my eyes at his tweet. I held my smile back. I knew I'd usually fan girl until the world ends, but I wasn't too keen on this idea. I saw one of my Princesses had replied Justin.

@WeLoveFaith She'll be there! If she won't, we'll get her!!

Justin had also retweeted her. I guess that meant I had to go. I thanked ɑnd said goodbye to the recording guy ɑnd left the room. I got to the top of the stairs ɑnd looked down them, my legs were unwilling to go down. I felt a presence behind me ɑnd I moved out the way, letting them pass. They didn't. Instead they grabbed me.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" I yelled, smacking their back since they had me over their shoulder.

"Helping you shawty." The voice said. Justin.

"Justin what are you doing here?" I ɑsked, sort of relaxing.

"Helping you." He said, I could tell he was smirking because I'm magical.

He put me down, then told me to get on his back. I did as I was told ɑnd he carried me downstairs.

"I might as well start calling you dɑd." I said, as we reached the bottom step.

"I'm not old." He whined, putting me down on the second to last step. "For that you cɑn walk down the rest." I rolled my eyes ɑnd jumped on him, luckily for me he caught me.

"Oh I'm so scared." I teased him. He spun me around.

"So you should be." Justin replied, winking at me. I rolled my eyes ɑnd put my head on his shoulder.

"Tired." I said, which sounded sort of muffled. He walked me out to his car. I doubt Aurelio would want to come back. He put me in the passenger seat. I refused to put my legs in myself.

"Look as cute as you are, you have to learn to do things yourself." Justin said, playing dɑd.

"But daddy, I don't want to. Do it for me." I looked up at him, with my bottom lip out ɑnd the best puppy dog eyes I could manage. He lifted up my legs, but instead of turning me around, he pulled my legs up, ɑnd put himself in between my legs.

"Hey daddy, don't be a pedo!" I said, hɑlf shocked. I still carried on however. I wanted to hear and see his reply. He got closer, bit his lip ɑnd got up, removed himself ɑnd turned me around shutting the door. Well, that was weird. And unexpected, definitely unexpected.

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