Fake Dating Justin Bieber


4. chapter four.

"What do you want to eat?" Justin asked, as we sat down at a vacant table near the window.

"I'm good thanks." I replied, looking at the window at the green bushes. Behind the bushes was a tall building which was a toy store. I smiled at the memories that circled that place. Next door to it was a computer place where it sold all the new computer games and new computer parts. I spent most of my life there as a kid. "Hey do you mind if we check out the PC store after this?" I asked Justin, coming back from my thought bubble. "Oh, sorry... were you talking?" I instantly felt bad. He shook his head.

"I'll get you something, stay here." Justin replied, getting up and joining the line. I let my mind wander again. Thankfully it was a school day so not many people were here. Just some old people who were trying out what us hip teens ate, to quote the old lady behind me. I looked back towards the toy store and saw some women with pushchairs. I saw that there was no man and figured he would be at work. But something told me that wasn't the case.

"Here, I got you hot chocolate." Justin said, breaking my thought bubble.

"If you ever got someone pregnant? Would you leave them?" I asked, still staring at the unlucky woman pushing her babies pushchair up an unsteady hill. Justin looked over to where I was looking and licked his lips.

"Course not." He replied, reassuringly. At least there was one guy in the world who wouldn't be so jerky. I sighed taking the lid off my hot chocolate. I looked around the restaurant for the condiments and saw them. I got up and picked up some sugar. I walked back to the table and sat down, ripping open the sugar and pouring it in to the lidless cup. I looked up to see Justin looking at me like I was crazy.

"What? It's nice." I defended, putting the lid on and pushing it towards him. "Try it," I said and he obeyed. He made an icky face and pushed it back to me.

"What the heck was that?" He asked, taking the lid off his sprite and downing it. I laughed loudly.

"I guess someone doesn't like a sugar rush." I said, during laughing. Justin put his drink down and shook his head.

"I'm going to get another one of these. Back in a second." Justin said as he got up and went back to the till to order his new drink. He came back quickly and put it down, removing the lid once more.

"What are you allergic to straws or something?" I asked, smirking. He smiled back.

"Oh you're so right Faith," he leant forward knocking his drink on me. I gasped, trying to jump up, but instead falling back down as the chair dug into the backs of my knees.

"Justin that wasn't very nice." I pouted.

"I know, but it was funny. And I had it recorded." I jumped at his phone, he got it away quick enough and I landed in the Sprite. "Oh this is gold!" Justin shouted, as he guided his phone getting every angle of me. He slid down to the entrance of the seat and videod me as I jumped on him. He landed on the floor, with me sitting on his lap. I grabbed the phone and held it up in victory, only to be rolled over and it taken back.

"Justin, let me have it." I said calmly, he was sat on top of me, teasing me with the phone. He'd put it in my reach then snatch it away as I went to grab it. I pouted at him and he pouted back. I gave him an evil look and crossed my arms. "At least let me up." I asked and he got up off me. I stood up and bit my lip, thinking of a plan to get back at Justin. I saw the lake of Sprite sitting on the table and launched it at him with my hands when he wasn't paying attention. "Payback's a bitch isn't it?" I said, as I retreated out of the restaurant.

I wasn't too sure if Justin was behind me and to be honest, I didn't really care.

I walked into the game shop I used to go and looked around, reliving old memories.

"Hey, are you Faith? Faith Mandal?" Some cashier asked. I nodded and smiled.

"Do you want a picture?" I asked. He nodded.

"Yes please." He seemed shy. I smiled and picked up my phone, he already had his.

"I need two, one for you, one for me." I said, and he nodded. I smiled for his and did a funny face for mine. I waved goodbye to the man and went over to the game section.

"Can't get away from me that easily, Miss Mandal." Justin's familiar voice said into my ear. I rolled my eyes and turned around so we were just inches apart.

"We all know I'd love to." I said cheekily, going up on my tiptoes and kissed his nose. I managed to escape his grasp. I ran to the end of the aisle. Luckily I was small, so they couldn't see me, so I wouldn't get kicked out. I hid round another aisle and spotted Sims. I used to love Sims growing up. I picked it up and a couple of the expansions and made my way to the till to pay.

"That would be £54.78 please." The cashier said, smiling at me. I handed him the money and made my way out of the shop. I decided I would walk back my house which was where I grew up. I bought it when I became famous and naturally, it was a nice house and my Mum loved it. I walked down the main road, listening to the traffic zoom past. I stopped at some lights, pressing a button and waiting to cross. It was one of the most dangerous roads, so safety was everything. As I made my way to the island in the middle, I realised there were no light crossing and I guessed I'd have to judge for myself whether it was safe or not, which sucked because I'm no good on roads. I watched as the cars zoomed past, not bothering to stop. I took a deep breath and when the coast was clear, I crossed the road and headed down the street, glad I made it across okay. I reached the house and went inside, it looked exactly how I left it before I went to kick start my career a year ago. I walked into the front room and sat down on the sofa. After than the non human smell going on, it felt like a home. I turned on the television but Mum must have cancelled the broadband so all I got was blurred lines. I sighed and turned it off again. I got up and went into the kitchen. For obvious reasons, we took all the food out but there were still cups and plates in the cupboards. I took out a glass and washed it under the warm tap. I had no bubbles to wash it with, so I did my best with the hot water. I put it back, not really understanding myself why I even got it out, then left the kitchen to go into my parents old room. I walked in and the bed still lay perfectly made, everything looked normal apart from there was nothing in the drawers or the fridge my Mum randomly had in there. I turned on the ball of my foot and left the room, heading upstairs to check out my old room. It looked the same, but dusty. I had only taken my clothes when we left. Mum told me there was no point taking everything.

I felt my phone vibrate and saw it was Beth asking me where I was. Apparently Justin thought he lost me, so he rung my manager asking where I was. He didn't have my number but he had Beth's, which looked great to anyone. Not. Note my sarcasm. I wasn't sure if me and Justin were doing the stunt at the moment or not. I don't have feelings for him or anything. He's going to have to try harder than taking me to McDonalds. I'm not one of those easy please girls, you usually see prancing around here taking everything and anything, no, I like to see my future with someone and work out everything about them before I even class them as a best friend.

I guess that's my problem.

'I'm fine. Don't worry.'

I text back. She didn't answer afterwards so I'm guessing the hide and seek has been called off. I picked up some of the random stuff off the floor. I put it in some of the empty drawers.

Where are you?

Another message came through. It was an unknown number.

Who's this?

I text back. I had a tiny feeling that it was Justin and Beth wanted to find out where I was, just as much as he did.

Your sexy husband ;) Where are you?

I couldn't help but laugh at that one.

Oh you know. lounging about half naked. Wby?

I knew this one would irritate him. Next thing, the number was calling me.

"Well hello there, mister unknown number," I said down the phone.

"If you're half naked I have to know where you are in case someone... takes advantage of you." He said, acting serious but I could tell he was bothered.

"Don't worry, I'm safe. But you have to come and find me," I carried on the act and I heard him lick his lips.

"Give me a clue?" He replied, deep in thought. I walked out of the house.

"One second please." I asked, I heard him sigh and make some sort of noise. I looked around for my skateboard, and sped off down the road. "You still here?" I asked, trying to catch my own breath from the speed.

"What are you doing?" He asked, sounding confused.

"Come and find me baby." I said, then hung up the phone, laughing to myself. I continued to skateboard and reached the football pitch which was like five minutes away and I saw a confused Justin looking around in the seats. I checked myself in, as this was where we were going to be performing for some odd reason and then I skated towards him, coming up behind him. I got off my skateboard letting it skate off. I walked up behind Justin and jumped on his back. "Here I am." I laughed as he grabbed hold of my legs and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"We have to go soundcheck," Justin said, changing the subject as he lost and he wasn't one to admit it.

"Walk then," I cheekily said and he tutted playfully, running off down the stairs to the pitch, to where we would have sound check.

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