Fake Dating Justin Bieber


5. chapter five.

"So, I'm thinking, Lights then Heartbreaker, then together for an old classic Overboard, then Justin you off, whilst Faith does Hit The Lights and Slow Down then Justin back on with As Long As You Love Me and All Around The World. Got it? Good."Justin and I nodded as we got all of it down and got prepped. In an hour this arena would be filled. Well, football pitch. And I couldn't wait to see my family, the lovely beliebers, and my princesses! I walked into the building to get ready. By the time they were done with me for the first part, I had about 20 minutes. I walked out of my dressing room to see Justin waiting by the door.

"Well. hello there stranger," I said, walking on, him following.

"You look beautiful," he said back. I smiled and tried to hide my blush.

"You don't look too bad yourself, but I think you're forgetting something," I said, pointing at his shirtless torso.

"My fans love it," he shrugged it off.

"We're called Beliebers," I fakely gasped. "I'm telling you now, there aren't going to be any fans out tonight, no cordless or electric, just full on Beliebers, so if you don't mind..."

"My Beliebers love it," He repeated, whilst smiling.

"Thank you," I said as we walked onto the pitch. I guess I was wrong about timing because all the seats were full with screams. I smiled up at them and waved. Justin did some sort of sexual pose and I pushed him over. I walked n without him and next thing I knew I was over his shoulders with the crowd going wild.

"You know you shouldn't be wearing heels out here," Justin shouted over the screams.

"I don't have any football boots," I shouted back. "Now put me down, it's not like it's muddy." Justin did as he was told but kept hold of me in case I did fall. The music for Lights started playing and I smiled and stepped away.


After I had finished, Justin's heartbreaker started playing. I became one of the crowd and Justin thought it was hilarious. What can I say? I am a belieber.


Justin sang his heart out and put so much impact into the song. Re crowd was waving, whilst me being the soppy type, was stood on the pitch crying. I knew what it was like to be heartbroken and everything he said was relating. Also, the way he sang it affected me. Just the fact knowing that he had gone through smomething like that made me want to break down.

Justin turned to look at me and smiled at my crying face. I look a mess but put a smile on for him. I'd gotten all red and my eyes were all puffy with my makeup all down my face. He shook his head whilst pulling me in for a hug. I hugged him back tight. I loved hugging him. The music for overboard started playing and we separated, I began singing,


After the song the crowd was getting hyped. Justin was winding them up.

"Back in a second guys. A girl needs to change!" I waved goodbye and began to run back to the main block when I tripped on my heel. Ow, that hurt! I realised I was on the floor and my heel had broken. I also had a twisted ankle by the pain I was getting. I tried getting up then felt a lot of support lifting me. I turned my head to see Justin.

"You alright shawty?" He asked, lifting me higher, I wrapped my arms around him as he supported my back and legs.

"I'm okay, " I whispered into his ear. "Thank you." I smiled. He nodded his head and took me out, waving to the crowd. I waved to. I felt completely stupid. He took me into the building and put me down.

"Told you," Justin said to me. I rolled my eyes, playfully.

He was perfect. Like.. I think I'm falling for him. I'm falling for Justin Bieber.

Pattie checked over my ankle and told me what I knew. I had a twisted ankle. It was when I got told I had to rest which really annoyed me. Somehow I had managed to get up and run away from all of them. Even Justin. He didn't bother running after me, I didn't think he would. It's not like he likes me back, it's just some stupid crush anyway. It'll pass. It always does. I managed to get into a room where even I wasn't sure where the heck I was but I didn't care. Here was better than with them. I just managed to stop my eternal hate. I got up and now I'm finding a stupid way out. I want to go out to my Princesses. I still have time with them and I'm not going to waste this time just because of a stupid ankle twist. I limped towards the entrance to the pitch and I walked towards them. They roared and I waved. I loved hearing them happy. It made me happy. I went up to some of them and started signing things.

"Faith you shouldn't be out here," I heard Justin call. I ignored him, pretending I didn't hear and continued to take selfies with my fans. It was only until one of them told me Justin was calling me when I knew I had to listen.

"Justin I don't care. I want to be with my Princesses," I yelled. He ran towards me but I dismissed it, going back to signing.

"At least put some shoes on," Justin asked, handing me some converse. I rolled my eyes and sat down on the grass and put them up, using my spare hand to keep my skirt held down. I looked up to see Justin stealing pictures with my Princesses. I fake gasped capturing their attention then pouted.

"Just because he's hot, doesn't mean you can ditch me!" I pretended to cry and they all called me. I started to laugh. "See Bieber, these are mine!" I evilly cackled. The crowd that could hear us, laughed and Justin smiled at me. He was making this difficult.

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