Jocelynn went deaf at a young age and her mum forces her into a hearing school, while she has been going to a sign school all her life. What happens when she gets there? What happens when she gets involved with the schools most popular boy, Harry Styles, and what happens when he hurts Jocelynn in one of the worst ways possible?


1. Prologue

I laugh at my mum, sliding on the ice with my new ice skates, mummy didn't approve, but daddy did.

"Careful princess." My daddy calls from the porch of our small flat. I giggle and slide around, keeping my balance perfectly. I smile, skating faster and farther away from my little flat, my daddy calls but I can barley hear him anymore. I turn around on my skates, sliding back towards home. But that's when I hear the ice crack. I look down and my small feet, water appears through the cracked ice. I skate quicker towards mummy and daddy but my blade got stuck. I hear a crumbling noise my I drop into the freezing water. I whip my arms around, trying to get out of the water, I reach the top, but I can't find the place I fell in from. I pound my tiny fist on the thick ice but it doesn't even crack. I need to breathe but I can't. My vision blurs and my body feels lighter.

•Years Later•

'Your breakfast is ready.' My mum signs with her hands, hearing aids were useless and the doctor wasn't able to give me a 'hearing transplant' or whatever the stupid thing was called. 'Jocelynn, table'. She signs, moving her mouth this time. I nod my head, not trusting my mouth to do speaking. My mum told me not to speak out loud in front of others, but I don't know why. She always said they would make fun of me. But, that's what happens when your a 17 year old deaf girl, who would normally be a hearing kid, if it weren't for the ice skating.

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