Jocelynn went deaf at a young age and her mum forces her into a hearing school, while she has been going to a sign school all her life. What happens when she gets there? What happens when she gets involved with the schools most popular boy, Harry Styles, and what happens when he hurts Jocelynn in one of the worst ways possible?


4. Chapter 3: Wonders

My eyes widen in shock, pushing his chest for him to get away from me.  He looks down at me, his eyes have hardened and I shake my head 'no'.

"Why not?"  He mouths moving shoulders and I look down at my shoes.

"Because I can't be with a hearing kid."  I sign and walk away to the double doors, wiping a small tear from my eye, keeping my head down.  I go to my locker, pulling out my Social Studies books and walk down to my class.  My breathing is heavy as I walk in, getting odd looks from others.

"You okay?"  Adrian signs, looking up from her phone, I nod, taking my seat next to her- pulling my own phone out.

*Curly kissed me* I type, after tuning my volume down on my mobile.

*Really?!  What did you do?!  Harry's never even around us, wonder what crawled into his breakfast, he only kisses the sluts here*  She sends and I sigh, typing her back.

*Me too, I don't want Whoreys' lips on mine.*   I type, and I see her try to stifle a laugh, gaining attention from the teacher.


I walk out the double doors, taking notice to the large amount of rain, and that Harry- or Whorey- and his group are outside smoking, I groan, walking down to the sidewalk, trying to ignore the intoxicating scent

'Are you a virgin?' Harry tries to sign and I try to only laugh silently, as I turn my head to the side covering my mouth.  'What'  He signs and I laugh lightly again.

'You just signed, 'Are you a vegetable?'' I laugh lightly again and Adrian comes around the corner. I sign what I signed to Harry and she laughs, telling him what he said.

'Well are you?'  

'Yes'  I sign, hiding me face.  He smirks, walking back to his friends, mouthing stuff to them, before taking a cigarette and smoking it. 

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