Jocelynn went deaf at a young age and her mum forces her into a hearing school, while she has been going to a sign school all her life. What happens when she gets there? What happens when she gets involved with the schools most popular boy, Harry Styles, and what happens when he hurts Jocelynn in one of the worst ways possible?


3. Chapter 2: He, Helped Me.

I walk on the sidewalk, paying close attention behind me, in front and next to me, paying close attention to everything, as always.  I'm not like other people, I can't be carefree, I can't put in earphones and listen to music like everybody else can.  Because I can't hear, I'm not able to have a simple conversation without using my hands because I'm scared to use my voice.  I can't sing, I can't do anything like a normal kid, because I'm just simply not normal like them, I don't belong in a hearing school, not with these perfect people.  Mum thinks I should stay here, but honestly, she doesn't know that I have to try 100% harder than everyone else.  I can't just listen to the teacher, I have to read their lips, which is very difficult. 

I shouldn't be here, at this school, and everybody here knows it.  Even Nicole and Adrian, I know that Louis doesn't like me, that kid that pushed me, obviously doesn't either.  But what they don't know, is that I'm not just some person that's just there, I'm here for some reason, if I weren't I wouldn't be here.  If I weren't supposed to be here I would have never been born, or I could have died in the frigid water.  I have some meaning here in life, and I'm determined to find it.


I sigh, closing my eyes momentarily, before crossing the street, I look down at my dirty black converse.  My ponytail falls onto my shoulder and I feel someone grab my elbow violently.  I whip my head to the person who just tugged me out of the street.  It's the curly haired boy.

All eyes are on me, bewildered looks on all of their faces.  I look to the street and a man in the car is yelling at me, complete rage filling his features.


'She's deaf!'  The curly haired boy obviously yells, his face hardened.  'Be careful love.'  He mouths, caressing my face with his large hands.   I nod my head slightly, my cheeks becoming red.  His chest rumbles with laughter and he hugs me.  His head falling atop mine.  He pulls back, smashing his lips to mine.


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