Jocelynn went deaf at a young age and her mum forces her into a hearing school, while she has been going to a sign school all her life. What happens when she gets there? What happens when she gets involved with the schools most popular boy, Harry Styles, and what happens when he hurts Jocelynn in one of the worst ways possible?


2. Chapter 1: Hearing School

I walk in through the double doors, already getting looks from the guys, but once they notice I'm deaf the will go running, like everyone else, even dad.


'Are you new?' A black haired girl walks up to me, mouthing words. I nod, pointing to my ears before she can actually like me. 'Are you deaf?' She mouths again. I nod, closing my green/blue eyes. 'Comon' you should hang out with me and my friends'. She mouths, wrapping her slim arm around my shoulder. One of her friends have blonde hair with bright blue eyes. A brown straight haired boy has his arm draped around her shoulders, his eyes a bright blue; like hers.


'Hi' she mouths then nods. 'I can speak sign language so, now you know what I'm saying' she says, using her hands like mum does.


'Great, finally someone who can understand me.' I say, letting a small giggle out, but not loud enough for them to hear.


'Can you just try to talk?' She asks.


'If you want to laugh and make fun of me sure.' I reply, making my hands move faster to show I'm angry.


'Okay, we'll I'm Adrian and this is my boyfriend, Louis'. She says, her face apologetic. I look to the girl who took me over here. 'Shes Nicole'


'Im Jocelynn'. I reply, only to get pushed by some curly brown haired boy.


'Watch it' he mouths and I sign, 'i'm sorry' but he only laughs at me.  He walks on with his posse and I sigh, looking back at Nicole and Adrian.

A/N this is Jocelynn ^^

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