Humanity has become more robot than man. Due to hazardous environmental changes, humans are forced to adapt to their new surroundings by inserting robotic upgrades and adapters inside the human body.
Times have changed since then, upgrades begin to become mandatory, robotics start to perfect the human race to a flaw, and weapons are being placed into new forms of illegal upgrading.
Clinging to your humanity becomes frantic when prices require human memories and robotic parts replace human flesh and bone.
What happens when none of what makes us human remain?
How will Arielle survive a robotic world when she is the most human of them all?


4. Upgrade 2.3.1, Part One

Mid- day, I strolled through the advanced inner city. It was nothing like the outskirts that remained crumbled and still centuries in the past. Every building seemed sleek, each corner rounded slightly, the metal that which the tall sky scraping buildings were made of was a platinum like material that was almost indestructible. On those metallic buildings were mega screens, each advertising something different.

One, tried to persuade that replacing your skin with a synthetic version would be a cosmetic breakthrough. Another screamed that upgrading to a robotic eye will allow you to see in the dark and perform in HD wonders.

I was very happy to refuse each of them, I did what was necessary to survive, not what is necessary to show off.

A buzz from many people came in loud whispers that echoed through the streets. I turned to look at the cause of the ruckus and came face to face with a humanoid.

Humanoids were something you didn't want to become. It was a human that has upgraded 100% and became a full robot. No spark of humanity was left behind.

The humanoid towered two feet above me, his outer experience was flawless as if Michael Angelo's David stepped out of his marble but something seemed different about this one.

I looked into its eyes and saw a something frightened then disappear. A jolt came from it and it looked down at me with indifference but nodded and continued on its way. That was the first time I saw something human inside one of them even if was only a flash.

I pondered to myself as arrived at a toll in the middle of the street were many other people stood standing. An artificial voice boomed overhead from small speakerphones above, "Upgrade 2.3.1 is required for entry. Please present serial number at scanner for conformation."

People began to murmur and a few turned back, but most were angry.


"Since when did they require upgrades for passage?"

"This is ridiculous! No one can afford this upgrade!"

"Madness! We don't need it!"

I pushed my way through the angered crowd and presented my left hand to the scanner. On the inside of my wrist had a tattoo like barcode that everyone was required to have when entering the city or upgrading.

The serial number acted as many things, a wallet, an identification card, and a lovely annoying tool to access your nervous system to check for upgrades.

The scanner flashed against the barcode that sent electrifying signals to my brain, probing my memory chip that was located inside. The scanners light glowed green and I was allowed through.

Once inside I started toward the destination of my first job. I was a scavenger, and in my line of work it was extremely dangerous and highly illegal. My normal day consisted of scanning the city scrap yard or old buildings for usable parts then I head to Zander's scrap shop where he makes them into makeshift versions of new upgrades like, 2.3.1, and sell them for cheap in the outskirts.

Most citizens call us heroes to the people. The government calls us weeds to society.

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