Humanity has become more robot than man. Due to hazardous environmental changes, humans are forced to adapt to their new surroundings by inserting robotic upgrades and adapters inside the human body.
Times have changed since then, upgrades begin to become mandatory, robotics start to perfect the human race to a flaw, and weapons are being placed into new forms of illegal upgrading.
Clinging to your humanity becomes frantic when prices require human memories and robotic parts replace human flesh and bone.
What happens when none of what makes us human remain?
How will Arielle survive a robotic world when she is the most human of them all?


2. A Quick Thanks

Thank you for reading my new novel, "Bionic". I had this idea in my head since I was in High School and it was about time that I got it down on paper... Or uh, on screen. But if you like this novel please check out "Amanti Di Sangre" almost like its gothic counter part! Thank you ad I'll keep posting! :) I usually post more chapters to the novel with more comments!!

Preview of "Amanti Di Sangre":

This novel is written in English!

"Amanti di Sangre" is italian and literally translates into "Lovers Blood"

After waking up groggy and disoriented in a twisted afterlife, Annabella realizes death is no option for her. As she navigates her way through the world of "Sotto" (Below) she encounters what the creatures around her call "The man of blood" "Uomo di Sangre" who apparently presides over the world and after begging him to let her return to the land of the living, he agrees on one condition...

"Find the way back yourself",but he won't let her go that easily, not when she has peaked his interest. Join Bella as she battles for her right to live filled with danger, terror, and romance.

"Uomo di Sangre is always watching."

"You never know what lurks in the darkest of places."

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