Random Things!

Random Shit! Face our random shit and post stories of your own! Nobody cares, this is a very open book! Excuse the Pun! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


12. Ummmmmmm


Emmy: Billie? Billie? Where are you?

Belen: I'm right here.

Emmy: I know. So you ready?''

Belen: What'd you do this time?

Emmy: You're going in involuntarily do the Ice Bucket Challenge!! :D

Belen: WHAT!!

Emmy: *Dumps bucket of ice on Belen's head* Haha!


Emmy: Hey! I like my height!

Belen: *Takes towel and starts drying off* Can we get to the point of this chapter?

Emmy: Yes! So we've come to realize that we've seemed quite insane while writing this book. And to be honest, our life is really quite boring so we use this book for writing entertainment. To be honest again, this means that we just have a big imagination, no space to use it, we live in a pretty small house, and there's no room to do anything really. So yeah, we're bored most the time. We use our imagination to bring happiness to the world!!

Belen: She means don't go stalking us just so you can call an asylum on us.

Emmy: Trust me, our parents have tried.

Belen: But we're just not legally insane.

Emmy: Yet.

Belen: What do you mean yet! O.o

Emmy: I mean we get so bored we might JUST become insane. Well, I do.

Belen: O.o

Emmy: Stop looking at me like that!

Belen: O.o

Emmy: o.O

Belen: O.o

Emmy: o.O

Belen: O.o

Emmy: So we're at an agreement then?

Belen: I believe so.

Emmy: Okay then.

Belen: ...

Emmy: ...

Belen: ...

Emmy: ...

Belen: Wanna play Fusion Frenzy 2?

Emmy: The relationship killer?

Belen: Yep.

Emmy: I'd rather play Young Justice: Legacy!

Belen: But Kid Flash is so stupid in it!

Emmy: So? Miss Martian, Nightwing, and Artemis are awesome! And we haven't even unlocked many people yet!

Belen: Fine. -.-

Emmy: *glares* You love the game and you know it!

Belen: I do, I'm just not as obsessed as you are.

Emmy: I know, but still!

Belen: Let's just go play it.

Emmy: As you wish. Bye reader! See you in the next chapter! :D *Walks away with Belen*

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