Random Things!

Random Shit! Face our random shit and post stories of your own! Nobody cares, this is a very open book! Excuse the Pun! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D



   Welcome to my ordinary life. I have had this strange inspiration to sing and write down songs and dance and perform and- yeah you get the point. This. Wont. Be, Properly. Written. I know, the horror!

  Anyways! I am going to sing you a song:

  All: kidnap mr sandy claws?

  lock: I wanna do it!

   barrel: lets draw straws!

   shock: Jack said we should work together.

   barrel: three of a kind

   lock: birds of a feather

   all: now and forever!

   All: (shock: wee!) lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala...

  kidnap the sandy claws, lock him up real tight, throw away the key and turn off all the lights

  Shock: First, we're going to set some bait inside a nasty trap and wait. When he comes a-sniffing we will snap the trap, and close the gate!

  Lock: Wait I've got a better plan, to catch this big red lobster mad. Lets pop him in a boiling pot, when he's done, we'll butter him up!

   All: kidnap the sandy claws, lock him in a box, bury him for 90 years, then see if he talks.


    Alright. Hope you enjoyed my clip of Shock, Lock, and Barrel singing, ''Kidnap the Sandy Claws'', from the movie: Nightmare Before Christmas!


   Great news! I am on spring break with my sister/ co-author! Whoo whoo! More updates coming your way so be prepared! :D

    With undying love and affection to those who are awesome enough to read this slightly disturbing book since you should know I have conversations like these everyday,




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