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Random Shit! Face our random shit and post stories of your own! Nobody cares, this is a very open book! Excuse the Pun! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


13. I Have NO Clue Whatsoever!

Emmy: Hai! Today I have a very special guest in the flesh! Book page! Chapter! You know what I mean. She's right here with me when I made this chapter so give a big round of applause for Danielle!

Danielle: really u r werid

Emmy: As you can tell, she can't spell very well or use proper English! I think what she meant to say was; Really? You are weird. So yeah.

Danielle: the way I say is u and r ya

Emmy: I know

Danielle: so what u want to talk about

Emmy: I don't actually know.... We could talk about those stalker boys we saw earlier. Okay, so they weren't stalking us, we sort of stalked them to see if they were going to follow us because I knew two of them while she knew all of them. We don't really like them that much, right Danielle?

Danielle: ya Jesse and eric and Christion  and a random guy

Emmy: Okay so I'm pretty sure his name is Christian not Christion and Eric is not eric because then it's not spelled right apparently. Anyways, so we went to the school by our houses and we just happened to run into these boys who's names are listed above. We tried to avoid them as best we could but curiosity got the best of us because...

Danielle: ya we falowed them and they yelled out you guys are hot and said they would call us that was wired

Emmy: Weird* Followed* But before that we saw them being talked to by a cop so we asked them what was going on. BUT! Jesse, that jerk, told me his name, though I already know him, and asked if I wanted his number. Later though, I yelled at them to 'shut it dickhole' after they called us hot. It was creepy.

Danielle: ya I now r u ever going to eat diner tonight

Emmy: Are* You* Dinner* And yes, can we go get food now?

Danielle: ok let us good we will be back

Emmy: Now I have problems with your grammar. 'Ok, Let's go. We will be back.' makes more sense!



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