Random Things!

Random Shit! Face our random shit and post stories of your own! Nobody cares, this is a very open book! Excuse the Pun! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


9. Hmm...

   I'm going to tell you a story. This is the story of Harleen Quinzel. Weird name but  I quite like it. Harley-en Quinn-zel? Get it? Harlequin? Sound familiar? No? Okay then. I hate you for not knowing. She's like my favorite villain ever! My favorite hero would have to be Black Canary!

   They rock and have you heard Black Canary sing? Desisle plays her in Batman: The Brave and The Bold and is really good. So I guess that technically wasn't Black Canary's singing but whatever! Who cares, she plays her, she is her!

    Anyways, This question is for super hero nerds like me:

  *Looks left then right*

   What is the Joker's true identity?

  Shhhhhh! Don't give meh the answer! Answer it in your head!

  *Looks around*

    Do you think anyone heard us? I hope not, that would mean aster, heavy on the dis.

   Ah! The police! Run! They're after me for kidnapping Kid Flash! Run!

  *Sprints away and hides from police*

   Police: Have you seen this lady? Brown hair down to her waist, brown eyes, tan skin? No? Ok. Look! There she is!

    =====Ending Note=====

    Weeell! I hope you enjoyed that little scenario. I don't know what goes on in my little head.

  *Cue dramatic lights and thunder as Emmy cackles evilly. Everything goes back to normal after she is done*

   Well I better leave, enjoy!

    Love and always believe,


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