His Addiction

"I knew he was changing. I just didn't know how to fix him."

Copyright ©2014 Niya J.


2. chapter 1


Copyright ©2014 Niya J.








"What are you doing?"


My face went pale, as my eyes averted to my bruised arm that rested under the boiling water. I quickly shut off the faucet, ignoring his stare. "Faye. Answer me."

"I was j-just washing my hands.", I lied, untying my apron. I slipped the apron from around me, frowning once I looked at Jace's concerned face. "I'm fine, alright?" I shoved my sleeves over my burned arm, which was still hurting at the minute. 

"Faye, you seem out of it all the time." He leaned over the counter, propping his elbows up to stare at me. "You never used to be that way. You know, when we hung out all the time. When you didn't have to ask to go anywhere." His voice trailed off, his green eyes flicking up to look at me. 

My heart stung, I was at a lost for words. How could he say that? It wasn't like he knew what we going on. What was happening at home. He would never know.

Suddenly, rage took over me. "You know nothing." I flinched at my harsh tone of voice, tightly shutting my eyes, my hands balled in fists. My eyes snapped open to stare at his astonished face. "Faye, you're hurting yourself."

A harsh ache formed in my hand, my fingers uncurling. The knife dropped onto the counter, the sound echoing in my ears. Blood drops fell onto the counter, as I watched them in confusion. 

Jace grabbed my hand, carefully leaning over to rinse it with hot water. I flinched, feeling the hot water hit the wound. "Sorry." His eyebrows knitted in concentration, as his lips perched up, ignoring my apology.

"Look I-I.", I started, gulping once again. "It's a hard time for me. You wouldn't understand."

He looked up from the towel, his eyes averting to look at me. "Faye, you've got to leave him."

"I love him.", I whispered, flinching once again.

"Faye, love doesn't cause pain." He sighed, not daring to look at me.


The car honk interrupted me, and I quickly slipped my hand out of his. "I really do have to go." I gave him a quick peck on the cheek, turning to grab my bag. "Faye-"

"Goodbye." I whispered, interrupting him. I quickly rushed out the door, but not before taking a quick glance behind me. Jace was watching me intently, his fists balled in anger. I slipped my coat around me, feeling the cold breeze hit me in the face.

"Who was that?" His voice boomed in anger, as he stared at me, coldly. I stammered for words, but I couldn't even speak. "Faye."

"A friend.", I managed to choke out, fiddling with my hands. My eyes remained on my lap as the car started to move. "Friends don't kiss, Faye.", he muttered. I couldn't help but notice the smell of him, and the way his eyes were a little bit darker than before. Almost black.

He quickly looked away from me, gripping the steering wheel harder than I expected. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I-I-- What are you talking about?", I tried to gain my voice back, but failed miserably. 

A dark chuckle left his lips. "You're lying." The familiar trees were beginning to fade away, as he drove a little bit faster than before. "What's his name?"

"He's a fr-"

"That wasn't my question.", he growled, stepping on the brakes. The car stopped and I jerked up a little bit. I grabbed onto the headboard, stopping myself from crashing into it. "Who is he?"

I was silent, my hand on the door. "You better fucking answer my question, before I do something you won't like."

"J-Jace.", I whispered, shifting uncomfortably. He leaned over, tucking my hair behind my ear. "Good girl." My eyes widened, feeling his warm tongue flick against my neck, before giving it a small suck.

He pulled the car into the grass, turning the engine off. "You going to get out or what?" He leaned over his seat, unbuckling my seat belt. My hand ran over my neck, the feeling of something damp tangling around my fingers.

The door was suddenly held wide open for me, knocking me out of my trance. He had his keys in his hand, jiggling them in my face. "I have to get going somewhere. Don't wait up." He leaned forward, leaving a lingering kiss on my lips. 

"Zayn wh-"

"Go in the house, Faye.", he muttered, starting the car. He slammed the door, shoving the keys into the ignition. The car roared to life, and I watched it disapear down the dirt road. A sigh I didn't know I had been holding in left my lips, and I shoved the keys into the lock.

I threw the keys onto the table, leaning back to take off my coat. I slipped off my shoes, hanging the coat in the closet. Before I could turn to the heat, a envelope caught my eye. My vans paced across the tile floor, reaching down to grab the letter. 



I wish you that you could come and see me. I know that you've never accepted your father after what happen. I just wish that you would write back.. Your brothers miss you and so do I. Just please come visit me.


Mother, Sebastian, and Carter


My eyes flicked over the letter one last time, falling back on the couch. Zayn never spoke about his mother. He always told me that he never had one. I stood up, turning to flick off the light.

The sound of the door slamming made me snap up from my sleep. I could hear the heavy breathing of someone as they made their way towards the hallway. My heart quickened, pulling the covers even closer than before. 

"You read my fucking letter?!", Zayn screamed. I sat back further into the bed, squeezing my eyes shut tightly. 


His large hands gripped my shoulders hard, probably leaving a bruise. "Don't fucking lie to me, Faye."

"Z-Zayn please. Y-You're hurting me.", I whimpered. Realization crossed his face, and he quickly let go of me, my back hitting the pillow. 

"Baby I-I." He pulled at his hair out of frustration, before his hands collapsed to his side. I watched as he closed the door, the sound of his feet running down the hallway echoing. The front door slammed, and I sat up further. 



Soooo, what did you think of this chapter???!! I think Zayn is a bit more than mysterious than I was supposed to make him. I worked so hard on this chapter, and I hope you like it! 

Also, what did you think of Jace? 

Comment and tell me what you think!






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