Try Hard

After a two year relationship with her abusive boyfriend, Cassie calls her best friend Calum Hood to help her out. He sends her money and she leaves. But when she arrives she catches the attention of Luke and feelings start to arise. But with Cassie's troubled past will she ever let Luke into her life?


4. Shopping

"WAKE UP" I felt me bed bouncing and looked up all of the boys were jumping and screaming. "alright alright I'm up" I put my head back on my pillow hoping they would leave. I felt a pair of arms grab me and pick me up "PUT ME DOWN" "Sorry love cant do that". Luke. "DAMMIT LUKE" he carried me down stairs and put me in a chair I looked at him and frowned "can I go back to bed" "no but you can go change we have to go get food and get you some more clothes" "Calum I don't have any money" "that's why I'm buying them". "hell no I took enough money when we lived together" "well 500 dollars of stuff wont kill you' "no ""yes" "no" "yes" "no" "yes" "oh my god fine lets go get dressed". I walked up stairs and brushed my hair then I put on a green t-shirt, white shorts, and sandals with green jewels on them, I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs. "lets go" we got in the van this time Calum drove and I sat in the front while the boys sat in the back. we drove to a large produce stand, I grabbed a basket and walked in. the boys followed behind me picking up a few things they liked, I picked up  a few more thing we needed and checked out. we put the tings in the back and got back in, we drove to a small market and got out. I felt Calum pick me up and put me in a buggie "onward my slave" Calum smiled and pushed me through the lot to the door. we walked threw the door and went to the first aisle, the candy aisle. "oh my god grab one of every thing" they grabbed one of everything and put it in the buggie on top of me "make it rain bitches". we went down the aisles and grabbed a few more things soon I was buried in food and drinks.

200 dollars later we packed the car and went home, we got there and took everything inside and put it away. "now we make hash" I yelled we all got the ingredients and made it. we sat down and ate "this is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth" Luke said "I know I cant believe you never had any before" we finished and sat on the couch. "movie time" Mikey said "lets watch The Purge" Calum knew I loved that movie. I put it in and sat between Luke and Calum we turned the lights off and pressed play.

when the movie ended me and Luke were the only one's up "I'm going to bed" I said "me too" we walked upstairs and said goodnight I put on hoddie and sweats and went to sleep

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