Try Hard

After a two year relationship with her abusive boyfriend, Cassie calls her best friend Calum Hood to help her out. He sends her money and she leaves. But when she arrives she catches the attention of Luke and feelings start to arise. But with Cassie's troubled past will she ever let Luke into her life?


3. New start

We walked out to a big van and all got in. Me, Calum, and Luke in the back and Ashton and Mikey up front. We left and made our way to the boys house in silence until Calum spoke "so when we get there I was thinking we make your favorite food in the world" it took me a minute to realize what he was talking about "Hash!" the boys looked at me and gave me weird looks. "what the hell is that" said Ashton, my mouth fell open "oh my god you have not lived till you've had Calum's hash" they laughed "What's so funny" Luke spoke "well Calum cant cook to save his life" "but he use to cook  all t-" "sshhhh" I looked at Calum with a questioning look. "oh really now because he said he couldn't cook at all" Mikey raised his eyes at me and Calum "alright you caught me looks like ill be cooking from now on" we all laughed.

we arrived at the house finally it wasn't as big as I thought it would be but it was still big. Luke grabbed my bag from the back and handed it to me "thanks" "no problem". we walked up to the door and Calum unlocked it. we walked into a big room with a couch in the center, a TV on the wall, two chairs sitting beside the couch, and a table in the center, the room had reds, blacks, and whites. there was a set of spiral stairs to the far corner of the room, " follow me" Calum lead me up the stairs to a long hallway "how many bedrooms" "6 but one is the music room". "this is my room, that's Mikey's, over there is Luke's, Ashton's is here, and this is your room. he opened the door to a small cozy bedroom that had a bathroom of to the left and a closet to the right.

"I love it" I said "really sorry its so small it was a bedroom for guest but we don't really have anyone over anymore". I sat on the bed and Calum sat beside me "look I don't want to bring up bad memories but um.... the boys don't know about Jacob so you are going to have to tell them" "ill make a deal with you give me a month, just to start over, and then ill tell them as soon as I can" "alright". I leaned on him and he wrapped his arms around me "your going to be alright", there was a knock at the door and Luke poked his head in "sorry to interrupt but we have no food so I ordered pizza and its here" "PIZZA!!" I yelled "I think someone likes pizza". we ran down stairs and grabbed some paper plates "um any real plates" I said "nope" they said in unison " you boys are hopeless tomorrow we go shopping" I said. we all grabbed a slice and ate it, "im going to bed its been a long day" I said, I hugged everyone and went upstairs to my room. I pulled out my hoodie and sweat pants and changed, I pulled the covers back and i laid down I plugged my phone in and sat it on the table. I pulled the covers up turned over it wasn't long before I feel asleep.

hey guys I hope you like the story so far! I thought I would end the chapter with a picture of Cassie:


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