Try Hard

After a two year relationship with her abusive boyfriend, Cassie calls her best friend Calum Hood to help her out. He sends her money and she leaves. But when she arrives she catches the attention of Luke and feelings start to arise. But with Cassie's troubled past will she ever let Luke into her life?


2. Home

I got to the airport around noon, I texted Calum and told him I was here, he texted back and told me they would call me when it was ready. 30 minutes later my name was called and I walked up to the lady, I sighed a few papers and got my plane ticket "it leaves in 10 minutes the gate is over there" she pointed to a small hall I thanked her and walked that way, my bag was the size of a carry on so they would check it before I got on. When i got to the lady i showed her my ticket and she checked my bag " alright your all good have a nice day" a walked down the hallway and found a small car waiting i put my bag in and shut the door. he drove me to the plane and let me out, i thanked him and walked up the stairs to the plane, i looked for my seat 2-b when i got on. i found it and put my bag in the over head compartment and sat down. about ten minutes later when every one was on the plane took off. i grabbed my headphones and plugged them into my phone i turned on 5 seconds of summer and beside you started playing, it made me think of Calum a lot..... wait no not that way. me and Calum were like brother and sister and after my parents left me I stayed with him, then when I was 16 I dropped out of school and Calum helped me find a job, while his career was taking off. I'm 17 now, only a small amount of money and barley a high school education, heading to my best friend Calum. I had met the other boys twice and we were good friends. I snapped out of it as a voice boomed all over the plane "ladies and gentlemen we are now arriving to Sydney" I looked out the window at beautiful city, tall buildings, a beautiful ocean, now I knew why Calum wanted to meet here. the plane started going down and I knew we were about to land. about 5 minutes later when we were on the ground they let us get up and leave. I grabbed my bag and walked down the stair to a little cart with 8 people on it I took a seat and it drove away from the plane. he let us off at door and drove away, everyone went in so I followed. the hallway was small and dark, then there was some light and we left the tunnel. the airport was huge with white walls, high ceilings, and big windows. I walk a little ways down looking for the boys and finally saw them, they were in a little circle talking, Calum had his back turned to me but Ashton pointed to me and he turned around. I dropped my bag and ran up to him, he held his arms open and I jumped into them. he held me as I cried  after a few seconds I looked up at him and smiled "look how much you changed" he said smiling down at me "well not seeing each other in a year does make a person look different" "still trying to be a smart-ass I see there's something that hasn't changed" we laughed. "don't hog her Cal we want some hugs too" I looked over and the rest of the boys were smiling with their arms open, I walked over to them and they did you group hug with me in the middle. " I hate to brake this up but we need to get going" Calum said. I grabbed my bag and walked back over to the boys, Calum put his arm around my shoulders, I felt like I was home.

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