Try Hard

After a two year relationship with her abusive boyfriend, Cassie calls her best friend Calum Hood to help her out. He sends her money and she leaves. But when she arrives she catches the attention of Luke and feelings start to arise. But with Cassie's troubled past will she ever let Luke into her life?


1. Empty Heart

my hair and makeup were a mess I couldn't shake what had happened last night, never had he hit or done this to me. I sat up and saw my bed was empty and a note on the table beside me.

left for today will be back tonight around 10, Jacob

probably of to hook up with some slut and get drunk. my head hurt as I remember last night.


"Jacobi don't know who he is" I screamed at my boyfriend, I had received a message on facebook saying I was cute from some random guy and my boyfriend, Jacob, found it. 'don't fucking lie to me" "Jacob Im not lying fuck off" I felt his hand hit me with so much force I stumbled and fell. he kicked me multiply in my stomach and legs, some more bruises to match the ones up and down my leg. he sat on top of me and hit me multiple times he got off and drug me by my hair down the hall. I kept screaming and begging for him to stop but he was to drunk to hear or know what he was doing, then he opened the door to our small bedroom. I picked me up and through me on the bed, he got on top and started to kiss me. I pushed him off and tried to crawl off but I was to slow, he drug me back and continued. I kept screaming hoping he would stop, I started to kicked and swing my arms hoping to hit something. finally he hit me so hard I started to black out, the last think I felt was he pulling my jeans off.

                                                   *end of flashback*

 I cried more and pulled my legs to my chest, I had to get out of here. i picked up my phone and called my best friend, Calum Hood. I dialed his number with shaking hands and put the phone to my ear. he picked up on the 3rd ring "hey Cass been awhile how's it going" "not to good" he could tell I was crying " Cassie what's wrong did he hit you" "um yeah but he um went farther then he had before" the line was silent for a second "did he touch you" "yeah" I broke down. "Cassie get out of there go to the airport I will buy you a ticket and meet you in Sydney" "thank you Cal ill call you when I get there" we hung up and I got up, I quickly found my bag and grabbed most of my clothes and placed them in the bag. I grabbed a red t-shirt, black skinny jeans, a leather jacket and my black boots. I changed grabbed my laptop and chargers, put them in the bag and zipped it up. I grabbed my keys and my bag and walked down stairs, I looked around what us to be my home, now it was nothing but a reminder of him and me. I opened the door and looked around one more time I smiled as I realized I could start over. I walked out and put my bag over my shoulder the airport was a mile away I started walking. I was free. 

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