Try Hard

After a two year relationship with her abusive boyfriend, Cassie calls her best friend Calum Hood to help her out. He sends her money and she leaves. But when she arrives she catches the attention of Luke and feelings start to arise. But with Cassie's troubled past will she ever let Luke into her life?


6. Beach Day

I sat in front of Luke with my plate Calum had cook bacon, eggs, and toast. me and Luke snuck little glances and smiles every now and then, but my head was still realing from it all. we had meet twice when I lived with calum and he stayed for the week with the other boys that's when we all really became friends and again when they came to town on tour with One Direction in England. Now im sitting at the table with him trying to process all of this. "lets go to the beach" calum said we looked around and everyone nodded "alright lets go get changed. I walked up to my room and put on my blue bikini then I put on shorts and a tank top. I grabbed my phone and sunglasses and walked out to the jeep no more van. I sat next to luke, what did all this make us, maybe I was over-reacting we were caught in the moment and kissed that's all Luke didn't seem like the type to know a girl awhile and then want to date her he struck me as the kind to date a celebrity. I would have to talk to him tonight. we got to the beach and everyone jumped out, me and Luke went to the back to grab the cooler "Luke" "yeah" "about this morning....was it just one of those caught in the moment things or was it real" he looked at the water for a second and then turned to me "Cass I honestly think it was both we've known each other for only a little while and I can honestly say I have feelings for you... but after what you've been through I don't want to jump into any thing I want to wait till your ready and until then we keep it friendly cause after this morning I would be lying if I said I didn't want to kiss you again" with that he turned and left. Holy shit was all I said to say. I walked down to the beach and took off my shorts and tank top and walked to the water. I stood only knee deep in the water when someone picked me up and threw me into the water, I came up and saw Calum laughing his ass off and the other boys were to. "so that's how you want to play bring it on Hood" I jumped on his back and was able to tackle we both fell into the water and when he came up we started splashing each other, soon everyone joined in until we were all soaked and had been in the water for two hours. I decided to get out and sit on the beach, right as I sat down Luke took a seat beside me. "pretty awesome day right" "yeah I haven't had this much fun since my birthday" "when is your birthday" "today". he looked at me in shock "you didn't tell anyone" "nope I never liked to make a big deal im only 17 doesn't matter" "doesn't matter..HEY GUYS COME HERE" all the boy came up and sat on the towels "did you guys know it Cassie's birthday" all the boys shook there head except Calum "I knew" why didn't you guys tell us" Mikey said "because she hates her birthday last year we watched a movie for her birthday her never wants to have parties or let people know its her birthday". "we are so taking you out" Ashton said "guys come on id rather sit at home with you guys and eat ice cream can we do it next year when im 18" "nope have to do now" Luke wasn't going down without a fight. "fine" all the boys cheered and high fived.

we left around 4 and came home they were taking me to some fancy place since I hated clubs. I put on a red strapless mini and some black heels. I put my make-up on and put my hair in a neat bun. I grabbed y clutch and phone and went to the stairs. I walked down and all the boys were at the bottom in tuxedos. Luke smiled as I reached the bottom and he spoke "beautiful".

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