My name is Ana Elizabeth Styles
Yes I'm Harry Styles twin sister,blah blah , I just don't want to have the famous life my brother has. Call me crazy I don't care.

Read to find out about my crazy life with five crazy famous teenage boys


14. chapter 8

ANA Pov.


Louis picked me up again and carried me to the bathroom. he set me on top of the sink, he got up to get water and cottons. He poured water on my cuts on my legs , it really stung so I  held on to the back of is shirt really tight. "am I hurting you babe?" I just nodded.

"do you just want to take a warm bath?" he said "yes please" ok he said and was about to leave. "Louis can you please stay here with me?"   "uhh yeah sure, anything for you?" he saud aww how sweet.



Sorry it was a very very very short chapter but sorry

I will try do continue tonight but I have to go to dance right now soo




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