My name is Ana Elizabeth Styles
Yes I'm Harry Styles twin sister,blah blah , I just don't want to have the famous life my brother has. Call me crazy I don't care.

Read to find out about my crazy life with five crazy famous teenage boys


10. chapter 7

Louis and I grabbed our coats and had to jump out of a window. After I jumped out u could not find louis andywhere, I started getting worried.

Louis came out finally but with a ski mask. "Louis what is the ski mask for?" "It so they won't see my face when I pretend to brake in." He said.

We closed that window and louis started opening the one closest to the living room where all the other boys were. "Ana come in with me I have a good plan, pretend your sleeping. Ok" "umm ok Louis."

I did as I was told and I heard Louis trying to brake in. I heard my window opening and I thought that was Louis...........but it wasn't.


Haha I left you guys with a cliffhanger.

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Hehe I would never do that to u guys...SO HERES THE EEST OF THE CHAPTER!!!!!

I felt two big hand grab my shoulders sand pulled me, I started kicking and screaming my lungs out. "Shut up or I make you!" "Ooo I'm soo scared!" I Said but I instantly regretted it, because the next thing I know he punched me straight in the jaw.

"Don't scream again or that will be much more painful!" I just nodded my head.

He grabbed me and jumped out of the window (it's only a 1 flat house so it's not tht far down). He dragged my across the lawn I started kicking and punching the air but that made no difference. I screamed one last time "LLLOOOUUUIIISSSS!!!" I yelled, then the man kicked me in the gut. He pulled me forwards the alley and I immeditally got scared.


When I was pulling the prank I heard a thud and a faint scream the yelled my name loud.....oh no "ANA!!" I yelled. I ran back to her room to see her window opened wide. I was filled with fear, what would Harry do to me? I looked at the grass to see a trail left by her feet being dragged, I followed it to the alley...oh no what have I done.

I heard footsteps ahead of me and I know that it was Ana.


He dragged me into the alley deeper and deeper until it was all pitch black, I got really scared and frighten.

LOUIS POV. (Sorry I keep on changing it)

I heard faint cries and I kept on following them until it stopped. I liked around to see a narrow road, they probably wet Down that road.

I followed it then I heard the faint cries again I know my Ana was in trouble and it was all my fought and I should be the one to save her, and I will.


He stopped dragging me by the hair when we reached the corner, I might have looked strong on the outside but on the inside I was all beaten up. Then the nasty guy started to take my shirt off, I starred squirming around but it didn't really help. I closed my eyes getting ready to prepare for what's next when nothing happen all I heard was a grunt. So I opened my eyes and I saw....


I was walking down the road when u saw a large figure on too of a small figure. I knew who that was so I rushed over there to see that the guy had already taken off her top so I punched him In the face and he fell to the ground, I looked at Ana and her eyes were shut. So I continued punching the crap out of that guy.


When I opened my eyes I saw that the love of my life was on top of that nasty guy....it was Louis Tomlinson. I just starred at Louis the way the sweat fell from his face from beating the crap out of that guy. It started to get cold to I said "Louis?" His head snapped to me, he had the brightest smile I have ever seen. He got up and squeezed my so tight it my brouses started to hurt really bad. "Louis your hurting me." As soon as I said that he let go and stared at me. "Ana let's put on your shirt so we could go hine an fix you up." "Ok." Louis picked me up bridal style and carried me all the way home. When we got home no one was awake so that was good. When Louis set me down I kissed him so hard he almost fell back.


Hehe liked my little surprised..I know you did. (I know you didn't)

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