My name is Ana Elizabeth Styles
Yes I'm Harry Styles twin sister,blah blah , I just don't want to have the famous life my brother has. Call me crazy I don't care.

Read to find out about my crazy life with five crazy famous teenage boys


8. chapter 6 pt. 2

After that awkward moment louis asked me what I wanted to do. "Let's play some games!" I yelled "ok." First we went to the ring toss thingy and louis got all of them on the stick so he win a little cute teddy bear and he have it to me and I have him a hug and a kiss in the cheek.

Louis POV.

OMFG she gave me a kiss on the cheek, I know you guys are probably like omg it's only a kiss on the cheek. But it's special to me because I really really like her, the way her beautiful hair flows down her back and her sparkly green emerald eyes.

"Louis...hello.what are you thinking about?" "What...oh sorry Ana didn't mean for tht to happen." "Hmm ok."

Louis what were you thinking, why would you say that she probably thinks your a retard know. Good going.

Ana POV.

I thought it was cute and funny when louis zoned out. Anyways after that louis played more games and all the prizes he won he gave them all to me. Aww. "what do you wanna do next Ana?" "Hmm let's go on the rides!"

(We are skipping all the rides cause I'm too lazy)

After we did all the rides we could possibly ride on it started getting dark so louis asked me if I wanted to go on the Faris wheel ( how ever you spell it). I said yes so we waited in line for about 15 minutes before we went on. It was going so slow a turtle could go ahead of us. Bug we finally made it to the top, louis did the yawn and put his hand on my shoulder thing and I thought it was pretty cute. Louis was looking the other way then he looked at me and stared for a long time. The next thing I know he's so close to me you could barely put a paper in between us, I could. It wait any longer so I just smashed my lips to his. Out lips moved in sync as my hands played with his soft soft hair. The next thing I know the person who controlled it was telling us to look up and to get out because there are other people waiting in line, it was so embarrassing.

When we got off louis said " you don't know how long I was wanting to do that." I just smiled and kissed him again just with more passionate. We held hands and went off to find the others, we found them by the car and we quickly separated our Hands and went into different cars.

~skip car ride~

When we got home it was about 10 at night so once again the boys stayed the night.

I could not sleep all I was thinking about was the kiss and louis. Then there's a knock at my door. Come in I said. Louis came in, "I can't sleep, can you?" "Nope." I said popping the "p".

"Let's go downstairs to see why we can do." I said

Louis- let's pull a prank on the boys

Ana- ok buy how?

Louis- hmm...let's leave the house and pretend that someone's braking in.

Ana-this louis, is why your my best friend.


Hehehe wait till you see what happens. Anyways it's like 2 in the morning and I can't sleep so I decided to finish the chapter. When I was writing the Faris wheel part I was fangirling, it was to cute!

Anyways hope you enjoy this chapter because I worked really really hard! 👍



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