My name is Ana Elizabeth Styles
Yes I'm Harry Styles twin sister,blah blah , I just don't want to have the famous life my brother has. Call me crazy I don't care.

Read to find out about my crazy life with five crazy famous teenage boys


6. chapter 5

I woke up to the sun shinning threw my window, looks like I forgot to close them last night.

I heard talking downstairs so I went downstairs. As I was going down the stairs I remembered that the boys stayed the night.

I saw Louis, Zayn, and Liam, I asked where Harry and Niall were. "Harry is making yummy pancakes and Niall is in the kitchen eating what you guys have in the cupboards". Said Liam.

I figured that Niall was probably eating something.

Minutes later Harry came out with two plates with at least 10 pancakes on each.

Niall came rushing out yelling " SAVE ME SOME PANCAKES, SAVE ME PANCAKES!" He took a seat next to me after grabbing a plate a fork.

Liam helped Harry by grabbing plates and forks for everybody.

While we were eating louis yelled out if no where "LETS GO TO THE CARNIVAL!" Everyone looked at him with a weird look on there faces. "Ya there's a carnival opened during the summer."(btw it's summer now because I said so) Zayn said, finally that boy talked.

"Well what are we waiting for?!" Said louis excited. "Ok everyone get ready and met us back here in 15 minutes." I said. The boys drove home to get ready while Harry and I jut ridged upstairs.

Here comes an exciting day at the carnival! Yay (my sarcasm comes out there)


Thanks for reading my book.

As you can see I decided to continue on with the story after everyone begged me too (my sarcasm comes out again here 😉)

I will do another chapter after I take a shower and think of ideas.

Once again thanks for reading this story, I really appreciate it



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