My name is Ana Elizabeth Styles
Yes I'm Harry Styles twin sister,blah blah , I just don't want to have the famous life my brother has. Call me crazy I don't care.

Read to find out about my crazy life with five crazy famous teenage boys


4. chapter 2

"LIAM!!!" I yelled and jumped onto him. Me and Liam have a brother sisterly love, we dated when we first met but it wasn't working out so we decided to be friends.

After I said hi to the other boys Harry asked the boys if they wanted to go outside and play football (soccer).

When we went outside we had to pick teams. Harry and I were the captions, Harry picked Louis and I picked Liam. Niall went to Harry so I had Zayn. When I was dribbling Harry came next to me a tired to take the ball away from me but me being the fastest ran ahead of him and scored.

AT the end my team won 15-13. We decided to watch The Notebook because I said so.

After the movie was done it was late so the boys spend the night on the couches.


Sorry thus is a crappy chapter but I was in a rush 😕

Each day u will update, I will only update two or more chapters on the same day if I'm bored which is often

Thanks for reading

~ louis_girl4

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