Therapy || Sequel of the Dare *Completed*

Niall's back and he is in trouble.


22. Chapter Twenty Two

Nora's POV
I stare up at my school and then back to Kevin. "Thanks." I say and he smiles. "If you don't want to go inside, I could take you to lunch." He says but I shake my head. I lean over and kiss his cheek. "I will be back when it's time for you to get out." He says and I nod. "Thanks, bye." I say, getting out and going inside. "So you decided to come to school today?" Marcel says and I sigh. "Leave me alone Marcel." I say, walking past him but he grabs my arm. He grips my elbow and guides me outside. "You cheated on me." He says, taking me to a tinted car. "Leave me alone Marcel!" I shout and he throws me into the car and I smack my head against the door. He climbs in and smacks me and I hold my cheek. He takes his belt off and smacks my back with it and I gasp. "Stop!" I shout but he hits me again. I start shouting and he smacks me in the mouth and I hold my mouth."I swear if you tell anyone I did this, it will be worse, got it?" He asks and his breath reeks of alcohol. "Y-yes." I stutter and he kisses my mouth and then we get out of the car. He walks away and I sit against the car, sliding down and crying. "Nora?" I look up and Sam is standing there. "H-hi." I say, wiping my tears and she runs up to me. "What happened?!" She exclaims, staring at me. Marcel's voice pops in my head and I smile up at her. "I fell, it's nothing." I say and she rolls her eyes. "It's fine if you don't trust me but don't lie to me." She says and I sigh. "I can't tell you." I say and just then Marcel walks up, all innocent like. "Babe! What happened?!" He exclaims, grabbing my hands and I hiss. "I fell and scraped my arms and hands and I hurt my mouth." I say and he kisses my cheek. "Oh, babe." He says and a tear trickles down my cheek. "Come on, we better get to class." He says, sending Sam a look as we walk past and I keep my head down.

Authors Note

I updated!! Marcel >:( so like, favorite, comment, yeah? :D -Over&&Out


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