Therapy || Sequel of the Dare *Completed*

Niall's back and he is in trouble.


23. Chapter Twenty Three

Niall's POV
"How did you end up with your mum?" Harry asks and I sigh. "She found me, drugs in my system, on the street. I honestly thought Nora would try to find me or even Marcel." I say and he chuckles. "That's unlikely." He says and I sigh. "I know." I say and he bites his lip. "Thanks for picking me up mate." I say and he nods. "So why exactly are you wanting to go back because you've proven it's not to get clean." He says and I sigh. "Nora." I say and he stomps on the brake. "My brother's girlfriend?" He asks and I sigh. "My high school girlfriend." I say and he rolls his eyes. "Only because the lads and I dared you." He says and I stare at him. "Yeah and I fell in love with her ever since." I say and he can tell I am serious. "She is with my brother now though." He says slowly. "I know but I just want to talk to her." I say and he shakes his head. "Nope." He says and I sigh. "Haz, I need to." I say but he shakes his head again. I groan and punch him in the face and banging his head on the steering wheel. "Sorry Haz, I just need to talk to her." I say, moving him to the back seat and moving to the driver's seat and speeding off. 
Nora's POV
I push away from Marcel. "I will be damned if you think I am staying here with you." I say, going to my bed and throwing more clothes into the duffel bag. "Nora, I love you." He says, trying to grab me but I dodge him, going to my closet. "No Marcel, we are over." I say and he seems to start getting angry. "Nora. We aren't over please, I love you." He says but I shake my head. I get hit on the head and soon see black.

Authors Note

Uh oh. How sweet Niall will basically do anything to see Nora :') -Over&&Out


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