Therapy || Sequel of the Dare *Completed*

Niall's back and he is in trouble.


21. Chapter Twenty One

Niall’s POV
I grope the wall, trying not to fall but fail and trip and fall. My vision is blurry and I am nauseated. I don’t know where I am but I don’t want to be here. “Niall?!” Someone shouts and I try to look up but my head starts spinning and starts to ache and I close my eyes tight and soon pass out.

I wake up and I am sweating. “Calm down.” A sweet voice says. “Nora?” I ask and the person laughs. “Close, it’s Maura, your mum.” She says and my eyes focus and my mum smiles down at me. “How are you here?” I ask and she smiles. “Well, your brother is down here.” She says and I nod, sitting up and I get dizzy. I squeeze my eyes close and plop back down. "Niall, what happened to you?" She asks and I look down. "Mum, please, don't ask." I say, shaking my head and biting my lip. "Ni, you can barely see where you are half the time, you are out doing girls and doing drugs, Niall this is so unlike you." She says, sorrow in her voice. "Mum, in high school, I wasn't the nicest guy around, I hurt a girl that I cared for very much and now it is effecting me." I say, looking up at her. "Oh Niall, all of this over a girl?!" She exclaims and I sigh. "Mum, if you are not going to be understanding then I will leave." I say and she sits down. "Niall, you hurt a girl, you could just make it up to-." I cut her off. "No mum, this girl, she-she was important, still is and what I did to her can't be fixed, mum, she was trying to help me, after I fell into this hole and well, here I am. Do you see now that this girl is basically my drug." I say and she has tears in her eyes, as do I. "Niall, you have to find this girl." She says but I shake my head. "Mum, she is in love with someone else and she basically gave up on me." I say, her words swirling through my head like a tornado. "Niall, you have never been good at learning women." She says, chuckling. "What?" I ask and she smiles. "Niall, she only gave up on you to test if you will come back, Niall, she is in love with you." She says and I perk up. "Really?" I ask and she nods. "You need to go find her." She says and I sigh. "Where am I?" I ask and she smiles. "I am not exactly sure since I basically just got here myself but um, there is a sign outside." She says and I nod. "I love you mum!" I exclaim, kissing her cheek and running outside. I need to find Nora, my Nora.

Authors Note

Ello my loves, have you missed me? I know you have lol so here is the update, sorry if it sucked but like, comment, favorite anyway :) -Over&&Out

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