Therapy || Sequel of the Dare *Completed*

Niall's back and he is in trouble.


3. Chapter Three

The next morning I wake up and turn off my alarm and start getting ready to go to class. “Knock, knock.” Someone says and I look up to see Eve. “Hi Eve,” I say and she smiles. “Hey, so that guy that was in your room last night, who was he?” She asks and I sigh. How did I not know she was going to know about him? “His name is Niall, he is like a patient.” I say, shrugging and pulling on my shoes. “He is sexy; tell him to come to my room sometime.” She says and I roll my eyes. “Just tell him yourself.” I say, grabbing my bag and closing the door behind me as I leave. I go on campus where I see an annoyed looking Marcel and a tipsy Niall. “How did he get alcohol?” I ask as soon as I reach Marcel. “I don’t know, I think in the middle of the night he sneaks out.” He says, grabbing the bridge of his nose. “No I don’t.” Niall says and I look at him. “Niall, you need to sober up before our next session.” I say, smiling and then walking past him.

I go on with my regular class schedule until lunch when I get a call from Marcel. “What?” I ask and he sighs. “Niall is at the Rusty Nail, he just got into a bar fight.” He says, clearly irritated. “I am on my way; I have to call off lunch though.” I say, gathering my bags and making my way out to my jeep. “That’s fine; I think I might have to lock him in my room during classes.” He says, forcing a short laugh at the end. “See you when I get back, get duct tape.” I say, hanging up and throwing open the passenger side door and putting my bag in the seat and closing the door and making my way to the driver side door and getting inside and starting the car and speeding off.

I arrive at the worn down building and go inside, searching for Niall. “I’m going to need to leave?!” I hear someone slur and I groan. I make my way to the bar, looking for blonde hair. For it being the middle of the day, this place is pretty busy. I find Niall talking to some woman and I walk over to him. “How about I take you back to my place?” He slurs, winking at her. “He doesn’t have a place.” I say and he turns. “What are you doing here?” He asks and I roll my eyes. “Trying to keep you out of trouble but it looks like I am too late,” I say, crossing my arms. The girl that Niall was previously talking to looks at me. “Are you his owner?” She asks and I shrug. “No, she is a bitch.” He says and I roll my eyes. “Are you the owner?” I ask and she nods and I hand her my number. “He will probably be back.” I say, grabbing Niall’s arm but he yanks his arm from my grip, surprising me. “You are not my mum.” He slurs, pushing me and I stumble back and some girl catches me. “Thank you.” I say and she nods and I straighten myself and walk over to him. “Niall Horan, leave this bar at once.” I say, glaring at him. “No bitch, you aren’t going to come into my life and boss me around.” He says and I push him backward with all of my force which he only stumbles back a step. “You aren’t going to come back into my life as a drunken fool who doesn’t know his left from his right!” I shout and he just burps and I sigh. “Go, now.” I say, grabbing his ear and he groans and I pull him out of the bar. He climbs in my back seat and I get in the driver side and start to drive back to the college. “Turn off the AC.” He whines and I roll my eyes. “It’s hot, shut up.” I say, pulling into the parking lot, seeing Marcel walk toward us with duct tape in his hand. I wasn’t serious about the duct tape but I guess he was. I get out and walk up to Marcel. “Where is he?” He asks and I point to my car. We walk to my car and open the back door and Niall tumbles out and falls to the ground, groaning. “Are you okay?” I ask and he just gets up. “Come on Horan.” Marcel says, grabbing his arm. “Don’t fucking touch me you nerd.” Niall slurs, pushing Marcel. What Niall doesn’t know is that Marcel has been working out. Marcel glares at him and grips Niall’s arm and his other hand goes up to Niall’s hair, pulling his head back. “Listen to me, I am not the same guy I was in high school, here you are going to respect me or you are better off in jail, I brought you here in attempt to help you but so far, it’s not looking good.” Marcel says and he actually scares me a little bit. “You are still the same little nerd I used to pick on.” Niall says, grabbing Marcel’s hand and pulling it off his arm. “No I’m not.” Marcel says, grabbing Niall’s Neck and punching him in the face. “Marcel!” I shout and he looks at me. “Just take him to your room.” I say and he rolls his eyes but does and I go to class.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies!! Chapter 3, how is it so far? Everyone liking Bad Ass Marcel? -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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