Therapy || Sequel of the Dare *Completed*

Niall's back and he is in trouble.


10. Chapter Ten

Nora’s POV

Niall walks downstairs, followed by Harry so I walk past them and upstairs. I find Marcel in his room with his head in his hands. “Hey Marcel.” My voice comes out in a whisper and he looks at me, not even flinching. “Hi Nora,” he says and I walk in, sitting next to him. “What’s going on?” I ask but he shakes his head. “Marcel.” I plead, staring at him. “I can’t do it.” He says, shaking his head. “What?” I ask and he sits up. “Take him to jail; no matter how much I hate him, he needs to be here.” He says and I put my arm around his shoulders. “Its fine, let me try to get through to him, alright? School will be back in session and I will spend more time with Niall, no worries, alright?” I ask and he sighs. I kiss his cheek. “What’s going on?” I ask and he shrugs. “Nothing, he is just making me angry fast.” He says and I put my hand under his chin and pull his face to mine, pushing my forehead to his. “I will work my magic as soon as school gets back in two days.” I say and he nods. I smile and the next thing I know, his lips are pressed to mine. I kiss him back, him pulling me on his lap. My hands glide through his brown, tangled curls, taking them into my hands. His strong hands grip the insides of my thighs and I gasp, his tongue entering my mouth. Someone clears their throat and I jump and turn to Niall standing in the doorway. “Sorry to break up the make out session, not really but Marcel, where am I sleeping?” He asks, pulling out a cigarette and a silver lighter out, the moon glinting off of it. Niall flips open the top and create a flame and lift it to the end of his cigarette. “You will be sleeping on the couch, as for you Nora; you can go downstairs and sleep or sleep up here with me.” Marcel says, lying back. “I will sleep downstairs but thank you.” I say, smiling and he stares at me. I get up and move toward the door and move past Niall. The living room is dark and empty. “Don’t let the boogeyman get you.” Niall’s hot breath fills my ear, causing me to shiver. I turn and he smiles at me and goes over to the brown, plush couch and plops down. I plop down on the matching brown couch across from the one he is on. Silent fills the room and I shiver, the air hitting my bare legs and bare arms. “Niall,” I whisper, waiting for his response. “What?” He asks and I bite my lip. “Is there a blanket over there?” I ask, avoiding my other question. “No, go find one.” He says and I sigh. “You are an asshole.” I say, getting up. I go up the stairs and look for a closet. I open the first door on the right and am greeted by warm air. “Nora?” Harry asks and I smile slightly. “Hi Harry, can you tell me where I can find a blanket?” I ask, walking into his room and rubbing my arms. “Here, take my comforter, I am kind of over heated.” He says and I smile, walking over and grabbing the oversized, fluffy blue comforter. “Thank you.” I say and he nods and I leave, closing the door and going back downstairs, wrapping the blanket around my arms and the scent of Harry fills my nostrils. I go to the couch and plop down, snuggling the blanket to me. About 15 minutes later my eyes growing heavy, I hear: “Nora.” Niall whispers and I groan. “What?” I ask, turning toward his voice. “Get me a blanket.” He says and anger boils low in the pit of my stomach. “Get your lazy ass up and get it yourself.” I say, turning away. The next thing I know, a pair of cold hands is pulling back my blanket. “What are you doing?” I ask, grabbing the blanket. “I need a blanket.” He says and I glare at him. “Get your own.” I say and he sighs and picks me up bridal style, lying down and I just try to get up off of him but he pulls me down and I lie down on his chest, the blanket being pulled over me. He puts his hands around my waist and I lay my head against his neck. A mixture of cigarettes, Niall, and Harry fill my nose lulling me to sleep somehow.

Authors Note

Sorry for the crap chapter, but ayeee, she gets some Marcel and Niall action :) yay?! :) I hope you liked it! -Over&&Out

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