Therapy || Sequel of the Dare *Completed*

Niall's back and he is in trouble.


6. Chapter Six

Marcel pulls up to my old house and get out and go up the walk way until I reach the door. I knock on the door and wait for someone to answer. “Hello?” Miles’ rough voice asks as he rubs his eyes. “Miles.” I say and he smiles. “Hey Nora! I was just taking a nap, come on in.” He says and I smile and we walk inside and I go to the living room where there is a woman sleeping on the couch. “That’s Anna, my wife.” He says and I hear a distant cry and he smiles. “Xavier.” He says, smirking and I giggle and follow him upstairs with Marcel behind me and walk to my old room. “I just want to let you know that this is Xavier’s room now, I hope that’s okay.” He says and I nod. “Its fine, I want him to sleep in my room, he will always be reminded of me.” I say, giggling and he opens the door and my room is totally transformed. There is a painting of monster trucks on the walls, the floor is carpeted, there is a baby bed with a little dangly thing above it, this is NOT my room. “Scratch that, he will be reminded of monster trucks,” I say and he laughs and walks over to the little baby in the bed and lifts him up and I smile. The little boy has the same color eyes as Miles, green and barely any brown hair on his head. “Hi Xavier,” I say, giggling and kissing his forehead and he covers his face. “He is shy, so uh, will you be staying?” Miles asks but I shake my head. “I will be staying with Marcel, kind of intervention thing; I will come back tomorrow though.” I say and he nods. I kiss his cheek and Marcel and I leave, driving back to his house.

We arrive back and I yawn and we go inside. The light in the living room is on and so I look at Marcel. “Make up my room and I will check the boys?” I ask and he nods and goes upstairs. I trudge to the living room where the lads are all sitting, tied up. “What the?!” I exclaim, running over and taking the tape off of their mouths. “What happened? Where’s Niall?!” I exclaim and Harry is the first to speak. “He ran off, saying he needed to bang someone, get a drink, and try to get some weed.” He says and I sigh. “Fuck!” I curse, running upstairs to find Marcel. I find him down the hall, in his underwear, asleep on the bed. “Marcel.” I say, shaking him awake. “What?” He groans and I bite my lip. “Niall is roaming the streets.” I say and he sighs.

Authors Note

Hello, sorry for the crap chapter, I hope you like it though :) you guys deserved this update! :) Love you! -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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