Therapy || Sequel of the Dare *Completed*

Niall's back and he is in trouble.


18. Chapter Eighteen

Nora’s POV

I pull myself out of the shower and wrap a towel around my body when I hear knocking at my door. I go and answer it, keeping my body behind the door. “Hey.” Marcel says, opening the door more and slipping inside. “What are you doing here?” I ask and he looks at me. “I am your boyfriend, am I not allowed to be here?” He asks but I shake my head. “I just thought you were mad at me.” I say but he shakes his head and walks over and kisses me. I can taste alcohol on his lips and I try to push him away but he just wraps his arms around me. He pushes me to my bed and I collapse onto it. “So? You and Niall?” He asks, climbing on me. “Um, w-what?” I ask and he rolls his eyes. “Don’t play fucking stupid Nora; I know you and him kissed.” He says and I gasp. “I thought you loved me.” He says sadly, pinning my arms above my head. “I do.” I say but he rolls his eyes. “Liar,” he accuses, pulling off my towel. “Marcel.” I whisper but he only unbuttons and unzips his pants. “Marcel, please stop.” I whisper and he looks up at me. “What, you don’t want to make love with your boyfriend?” He asks but I shake my head. “I am tired and I am not in the mood and we need to get to class.” I say but he just kisses me. “Marcel!” I shout, trying to push him away but he won’t budge. “Shut up.” He growls and I bite my lip.

Niall’s POV

I open my eyes and there a bright light in my face. I close them again quickly and then I feel something on my bare stomach. I cover my face and open my eyes and someone’s hand is on my stomach. “Hey baby.” A girl whispers, straddling me. “Turn off the light.” I groan and it soon becomes dark. The girl is topless and she may be fully naked. “Open your mouth.” She says and I do and a warm, hot liquid is poured into it. Beer, yum, she takes a sip and I snatch it from her hand and start to chug it like the Irish man I am. “Oooh, baby, you are so hot.” She says, kissing me. It tastes wrong but I let it happen so Nora can slip out of my mind. Yes, I ran off, I couldn’t stay. I honestly don’t even know where I am but I don’t care. “Baby, come here.” The girl says and I get up and I realize I am naked too. I sit next to her on the floor and she watches me as I move my head down and am soon intoxicated as the white crystals fly up my nose. She smiles as I finish snorting the drugs and then I start kissing her. She straddles me, pushing me backwards. She stands up and I stare up at her. She starts swinging her hips and plays with her hair. “You like this baby?” She asks and I nod. She smiles and drops down onto me and starts kissing me.

Nora’s POV

I back into the wall, holding my stinging cheek as Marcel starts walking toward me with his belt in his hand. “Marcel! Please!” I shout and he smacks my arm and I hiss. My nose is bleeding and I will probably have a black eye tomorrow. “This is what you get for cheating on me.” He says and smacks my leg and I scream out. “Shut up!” He shouts and I cover my mouth, feeling a wet liquid on my lips. Tears stream down my face and I could feel my eye getting puffy. “What the fuck?!” Sam shouts from behind Marcel and I bite my lip. “GET OUT!” Marcel shouts, turning on her and I jump up, pushing him out of the way and when Sam sees me she gasps. “Come on!” She exclaims and I run past Marcel and grab her hand and we run out of the room. “We can stay over at Kevin’s room.” She says and I look at her. “Who is Kevin?” I ask and she smiles. “My brother,” she says.

Authors Note

Hola finally updated this, I know, I am a horrible person but here's your update :D -Over&&Out

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