The Make-Up || h.s.

After Harry Styles was done being the nice guy, he packed all his things and moved to London with his mum. He swore that he wouldn't fall for another girl like Darcy Brandon so he became just like the people who hurt him; the flirt. With a new found confidence and look, Harry and his friends dive into the heart of London and find themselves auditioning for the competition, The X Factor. Harry finds it's hard not to get mad when his ex-best friend, Zayn Malik, joins the competition too. Can Harry keep his cool and make it through the competition without hurting his and his best mates chances at fame?

While Harry is having the time of his life in London, Darcy had just finished with high school and for once is relieved to be away from all the drama. During the summer she lands a opportunity of a lifetime to become an intern for a makeup artist for the reality show 'The X Factor'. She is happy to be getting away from her past and her mistakes but soon finds out that the past is always trailing behind her. What will Darcy do when she has to face Harry and Zayn in her makeup chair? And can she ever make-up with Harry and fix him again?


3. The Chances

Harry's POV

I scoff whilst reading Darcy's statues on Facebook since we broke up.

So excited for summer.

Can believe I'm graduating.

Life couldn't be better atm

I slam my fist onto the desk in frustration. How can she be so happy? It just doesn't make sense. She should be miserable, like me.

"Harry, what're you doing?" I turn to see Lucy laying on my bed while twirling her hair between her fingers. I had totally forgotten about her since she had come over.

"Just checking the ol' social media." I reply after closing my laptop.

"We should go out. I know this great pizza place." She suggests.

I shrug, "sounds good. Let me get ready. Be back in a second."

Lucy's POV

I roll my eyes as I watch Harry walk into his bathroom. Fool. I don't think I've ever met anyone as dumb as him. He thinks that he can use and abuse me. Think again Styles.

I don't think twice before walking over to his laptop and opening it up. Whatever he was looking at before must have been important.

The laptop lights up and I immediately notice that his Facebook is still logged in. Silly boy.

I go through his history and see that he was recently on a girls page named.

'Darcy Brandon'. I don't hesitate when I click her name. I need answers and this is the only way I'll get them.

I go through her pictures and statuses and finally figure out that they dated. He must not be over her if he still goes on her profile.

I can hear my head telling me that he's just using me as a rebound. That he didn't even like me and needs to get over the girl of his dreams.

Harry Styles will pay.

Darcy's POV

"Bye Dad, I'll miss you." I take a step back after hugging my dad. He gives me a encouraging nod towards my little brother Drew.

"Darc? When are you coming back?" Drew stares at me with his large brow eyes waiting for my response. When was I coming back? I didn't plan the future or should I say the next year out very well. It was a sudden surprise. I didn't think this would actually happen.

*2 week before*

I've been mopping around the house since school ended. There's nothing to do and when I'm alone all I can think about are my mistakes and regrets. I messed up and now I have to live with my guilty mind.

I don't know how I came across the ad but when I saw it I immediately entered into it. It was a contest to be an intern for a makeup artist for the competition 'The X Factor' in the U.K. It was a long shot but I didn't care. I needed a change. Moving away from all my problems would be a start.

If I don't make it then I have to stop thinking about him. That'll be the only way I can move on. If I do win, then maybe I can fix my problems. I can fix Harry and I.

I crouch down so I'm at eye level with Drew.

"To tell you the truth Drew, I'm not really sure. But that doesn't mean that I'll be gone for very long. I need you to be strong, alright? I know that you'll be fine when I get back. I'll always be your sister even if I'm far away. I love you."

Drew jumps into my arms and gives me a tight hug. "I loved you too Darcy."

I hand Drew over to my dad and pick my bag off the ground.

"I guess this is it." I say as we walk over to the terminal. Today I was heading off to England. I'm going to be working and meeting a bunch of new people.

"Be safe alright? And call me when you land. I love you." My dad gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Okay. I love you guys."


I find my seat on the plane and get comfortable. A couple minutes later a girl sits next me. She's really pretty and has big brown eyes.

"Hi, I'm Danielle. I saw what you did for your little brother. It was really nice of you."

I grin. "Nice to meet you Danielle. I'm Darcy. And thank you. I was really nervous that he'd freak out. I'm glad that he understood."

"So Darcy, what brings you on a flight to England?" Danielle asks.

"Well I won a contest to be an intern for the head makeup artist on the reality tv show, the X Factor."

"No way! I'm actually a dancer for the show. This is crazy."

"Wow, what are the chances?"

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