The Make-Up || h.s.

After Harry Styles was done being the nice guy, he packed all his things and moved to London with his mum. He swore that he wouldn't fall for another girl like Darcy Brandon so he became just like the people who hurt him; the flirt. With a new found confidence and look, Harry and his friends dive into the heart of London and find themselves auditioning for the competition, The X Factor. Harry finds it's hard not to get mad when his ex-best friend, Zayn Malik, joins the competition too. Can Harry keep his cool and make it through the competition without hurting his and his best mates chances at fame?

While Harry is having the time of his life in London, Darcy had just finished with high school and for once is relieved to be away from all the drama. During the summer she lands a opportunity of a lifetime to become an intern for a makeup artist for the reality show 'The X Factor'. She is happy to be getting away from her past and her mistakes but soon finds out that the past is always trailing behind her. What will Darcy do when she has to face Harry and Zayn in her makeup chair? And can she ever make-up with Harry and fix him again?


2. I'm Fine


2 weeks later

Harry's POV

I whistle at a cute blond as she walks by me with a couple of her friends. She gives me a wink before turning back to her conversation.

"Her too?" Louis asks baffled. I chuckle and nod my head. Ever since I arrived in London and enrolled into school, I've been with more girls than I can count. Last night was Lucy. She was a cute, blond, blue-eyed 10th grader. I knew when I first laid eyes on her I wanted her.

"Seriously Harry? When are you gonna stop sleeping with these girls? You're not gonna go out with anyone of them and you and I both know you're doing this for a reason." 

I glare at Louis. "Why do you care so much anyways? It's not like it's hurting you."

"I know that, but this isn't you Harry." Louis sighs out.

"Whatever. This is my life so just butt out."

I storm off in search for something, or should I say someone. When I found her with her friends, I didn't hesitate to grab her and pull her into the janitors closet.

"Harry? What are you doing?" She asks with a shy smile.

"I need to let off some steam, and your my perfect outlet."

Before she could protest, I manage to push her against the door before flicking the lights off. I place my lips against hers in a hungry fire making Lucy wrap her arms around my neck.

"Oh Harry, when will you make me your girlfriend?" She breathes out as I kiss down her neck. I stop short at her question. I knew when I got into this it wasn't gonna be easy. 

"Baby, be patient." I give her a sweet kiss to make sure she'd shut up. 

"Fine, but I can't wait forever."

"I know."


Darcy's POV

I slam my locker shut and almost regret slamming it that hard because my head started pounding. I let out a frustrated sigh and head to my first class with a couple books in my arms.

I scan around the classroom and find a seat near the window. I've been sitting alone lately. Trying to clear my mind and keep to myself. I've dropped out of the play and drama because I refused to be reminded of what I lost. What I was so stupid to abuse. The only person that ever loved me is gone and it's all my fault.

I slump in my chair suddenly start feeling horribly ill. Whenever I think about him I would feel sick to my stomach. Sick because of what I did and how much it hurt him. Just thinking about how he reacted still makes me cringe.

"Darcy you know I don't deserve this!" I cringed way from Harry as he screamed at me. I shook my head as tears flooded my eyes. He turned to Zayn and glared at him so harshly making Zayn step back.

"And how could you? I thought you were my friend." Harry exploded.

"I am are friend Harry. It's not what it looks like." Zayn tried to explain.

"Right," He sarcastically spat, "so you haven't fucked my girlfriend? You weren't both just naked. That makes so much sense."

"Harry please just listen." I quickly wiped a tear away. I didn't want to make this about me. I needed Harry to see that nothing really happened.

Harry turned away and dropped his head.

"I'm done listening to you. I came here today to say goodbye. I'm leaving with my mum back to England. Do me a favor and don't contact me like last time. Just forget all about me, I already know you're capable of it."

I quickly blink back tears that threaten to fall. I hated hearing him say those words. I was never prepared. Never ready to feel the pain.

I heard the door slam. He was gone. Really gone.

I fell to my knees as the tears came down fast. Harry was leaving forever. I would never see him again and it was all my fault. I was to blame.

I couldn't move. I didn't care that Zayn was in the room. I don't care anymore.

"Darcy, I-I'm so sorry." Zayn said as he rushed to my side. He place his hand on my back but I flinched at his touch.

"He hates me Zayn. And it's all my fault." I shook my head as I spoke, somewhat in denial. The fact that Harry would never hold me, kiss me, love me again was slowly sinking in, and I was trying my best to shake the feeling.

"That's not true." Zayn told me.

"How? He thinks we had sex Zayn! If I was him I'd feel the same way."

Zayn reached forward and wiped a tear that was slowly falling down my face. "Because he loves you, and only you."

I guess Zayn was right. Maybe it was true that Harry only loved me, and only me. But I know deep in my heart that he'll fight hard against himself to not take me back. He'll always remember how he felt when he looks at me. It would never be the same. He would never really trust me. It doesn't matter. I'm over it. I'm fine. I got one less problem.

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