Find You || Luke Hemmings

Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.


3. Chapter Two

I walked into school and went directly  to my locker pulling out my English and music books since they were my first subjects for the day. I turned around to start heading towards class as the populist girl walked through the corridor with her two minions. They walked in like in those cliché chick flick movies with their hair swaying and in slow motion.


I mentally gagged as she walked past. Why was she so popular anyway? Because she was dating the populist boy in the school who would basically be a quarterback in the chick flick movie but no he's just regular Ashton Irwin… the same Ashton who was at the club last night… who I had given a lap dance too…


I had to restrain myself from slapping myself as Ashton and Ruby met in the middle of the corridor and started to have a heated make-out session. I also had to restrain myself from gagging but someone beat me to it. The rebellious kid in the school Luke who also happens to be one of Ashtons friends.


Thank god I don’t associate with them; I think I'd neck myself if I ever had to. The bell rang for first period and everyone hurried to their classrooms leaving myself, Luke, Calum and Michael in the hallway. I closed my locker and began to walk away to class as one of them grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.


"Hey Triss" Michael smirked and tightened his grip on my wrist. I yelped and dropped my books. He spun me around to face them and smiled. "I said hello Triss" he spoke through his gritted teeth. I rolled my eyes and pushed him a little so he let go. But he didn’t instead he slapped me across the face.


"Bitch he said hello" Calum snarled. I rolled my eyes again which gave me another slap to the face. I smirked "Hello boys" I snarled back and they smiled "so where you heading?" Luke asked. I shook my arm and Michael finally let go. "Music, you should know that since you're in that class with me dickheads" I smirked next thing I know one of them (that one of them being Luke) punched me in the stomach.


I fell to the floor and held my stomach in agony; He has an extremely hard hit. "Sorry what did you say we didn’t hear you whore" Luke smirked. I gulped and stood up. This was a normal day at school. Id be beat up and end up wagging class but I was over it.


"Well boys, Luke that was a good hit… My turn bitches" I smirked. They gave each other weird looks as I karate kicked Luke in the stomach sending him flailing to the floor. "Oh sorry, I thought you would remember that I'm on a black belt in Karate? No you don’t well I guess you know now" I told them as Luke slowly and carefully got up from the floor.


The boys honestly looked as though they had just witnessed a murder. "I suppose you'll be leaving me alone from now on unless you want to get all your asses kicked" I told them before walking away and going to music. I knocked on the door and opened it to the small class that only had eight kids in it. H (Her name is Hayley but we call her H. Don’t ask why because I have no clue), Julie, Ruby and Ashton.


My teacher Miss Carlton asked where I had been and as I answered I was joined by the three boys. "Sorry we are late Miss, Triss had some needs that needed to taken care of and I knew she would need all three of us to satisfy her" Michael said to the teacher and everyone gasped. "Oh fuck off, If that were true I'd need all three of you cause your package is so little it couldn’t satisfy anyone" I snarled before taking my seat at the back behind Ruby and next to Julie.


Julie gave me a small high five and the boys glared at me as they sat down. Miss Carlton was trying to hold in a laugh but was failing badly. Once she had settled down we had to o in pairs and compose a song which was our term assessment. "Jules and Mike, Cal and H, Rubes and Ash, Luke and Triss" I mentally rolled my eyes. No wait I actually did.


I got up grabbed Lukes wrist and took him into the small recording room we were assigned. "Whoa babe I know you want me but no need to be rough" he chuckled. I gagged and rolled my eyes again "don’t flatter yourself Hemmings". I sat down grabbed my personal acoustic guitar as he pulled out his.


I began to pluck a few chords just mucking around and so did he. "You know Cobain, I have never heard you sing" Luke told me as he started to tune his guitar. I raised my eyebrows "that’s because I've never sung infront of you, you've more than likely heard my mum and dad though" I said as he started to tune his B string. "Who are your parents? Probably crack heads right" he laughed.


I gulped swallowing a lump that had formed in my throat. "My parents are dead" I whispered and looked at the ground. The room was silent and he put his hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off and looked back up at him "touch me again and ill beat you up again" I told him. He raised his hands I surrender "but seriously who are your parents" he asked.


I shrugged "Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love" I told him and he gasped "Are you fucking kidding me?" he squealed. I shook my head "Nirvana is my favourite band of all time!" he squealed like a little girl. I shook my head "can we just get this over and done with today so we don’t have to come in contact with each other ever again?" I said.


He nodded "yeah cool but its hard writing songs" he said. I rolled my eyes "maybe if you had the IQ of a monkey… oh wait you do" I said and he laughed. "Well I've never written a song before, where as it runs in your genes literal" he said and I rolled my eyes again. Yes it is a habit because people piss me off. "Its literally" I told him and he looked at me with his mouth gaped open before replying "What?".


I sighed "you said literal but in that text it should be literally" I explained. "oh" he said as he finished tuning his guitar. "So where should we start?" he asked. I shrugged "maybe do a demo cover to see how well our voices go together" I told him and he nodded. We demoed the acoustic version of Say Something and god damn his voice is orgasmic seriously just asdfghjkl.


I slapped myself for thinking that well once I had gotten home anyway. Actually once I had gotten home I was conversing with myself while getting ready for work. Basically pros and cons of being his partner for this. My phone beeped signalling a text message. I finished pulling my hair into a pony tail before reading it.


Julian: Hey, won't be home tonight gonna crash at Lucy's xox


Hemmings: Hey Cobain, what are you doin' tonight?


I frowned and messaged Luke back telling him that I finished work at 5:30 and then had the house to myself. He messaged me back asking where I worked so I told him. I grabbed my back pack and walked outside chucking my phone in the small pocket in my bag. I started to walk to Kmart since It was around the same distance as school was but in the other direction.


I arrived five minutes early which gave me time to drink my Up & go before I clocked on. "Hey, you're in the mens section cause Lara and Clara got the toy section and kid section" Mitchell told me as he walked into the tea room to clock out. "You didn’t leave it a mess did you?" I asked him and he shook his head "Nah its been pretty quiet today and got most of the new stock out you just have to put away the new shirts, singlets and jumpers" he told me as we both walked out of the tea room. I nodded and put my pony tail into a bun.


Mitchell was right it wasn’t busy at all. I saw maybe three people come in and that was it. I had absolutely no distractions and I was on my last box of clothes which were jumpers before "fancy seeing you here" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned my head and looked at Luke and Ashton who were leaning up against the clothing racks. I rolled my eyes "well you did ask where I worked Hemmings and you knew I was working tonight so… not that fancy" I told him.


He chuckled "well I need a jumper, have any good ones in that box of goodies" he asked and started to snoop around the box. I pushed him away and grabbed out a grey hoodie with the illuminati symbol on it. I threw it at him "this is cute, now leave me alone I'm trying to work" I told them. Luke chuckled again "what bra size are you?" he asked. I scoffed "Ashton would know" I said before realising.


Ashton looked at me before his mouth dropped open "Holy shit" he said and Luke looked at him confusingly. "Holy fucking shit, you're the stripper" Ashton said and Luke laughed but it soon faded when he realised Ashton was serious and it was true. "Holy shit, can you give me a lap dance tonight?" Luke asked. I rolled my eyes "keep harassing me and ill kicks you's both out" they looked at each other before walking off.


I had finished the box on 5:30 because I had the stupid distractions. I had my jumper over my arm my phone in my hand and my backpack well on my back. I walked outside into the freezing cold and shivered. I quickly pulled on my jacket but in the midst my phone fell out of my hand. I reached down to pick it up but someone else reached for it too. I looked up at the tall blond in front of me who was grinning.


"You dropped something" Luke said and handed me my phone "no really? I didn’t realise Hemmings" I said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and shook his head "where do you live Cobain?" he asked and I raised my eyebrows. "wouldn't you like to know?" I half answered, half asked. He nodded "well it looks like its gonna rain and you have to walk so since I'm here I may as well give you a lift?" he questioned as I questioned his motives.


"I'm good, I'd rather be attacked then walk or drive home with you" I told him and began to walk away. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. the same wrist Michael had grabbed earlier. "I'm trying to be nice" he spoke through his gritted teeth. He was forcing a smile but it turned out like more of a smirk.


"Luke I'm all good, I'm a big girl and I know how to defend myself, did you forget about that already? Need I remind you?" I snarled back. He shook his head and laughed "fine but if you get jumped don't come crying to me" he walked off towards his car and got in. I rolled my eyes and started to walk over the bridge that lead to the other side of town and also a block away from my block.


It was getting dark pretty quickly since it was daylight savings and it was going to storm later. How could I tell? I felt little raindrops falling onto my face. I sighed because I didn’t bring an umbrella and by the time I was home I'd be soaked. A few cars went by before it was dead silent and started to pour. I felt like I was going to rage until I saw headlights come over the top of the bridge.


The car stopped next to me and the door opened. I shook my head and jumped in strapping on my seatbelt "I knew you'd come back".

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