Find You || Luke Hemmings

Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.


4. Chapter Three

Ashton smiled from the drivers seat as I buckled myself into the car. "You working at the club tonight babe?" he asked as he started to drive to my house. I shook my head "Nope, but I have the house to myself" I told him as he turned the corner onto my street. He smiled as he pulled into my driveway.


So I may as well explain what is happening: about a year ago when I officially met Ashton we had a thing and that thing never ended, he knew I was the stripper from the club and he reason he told Luke is because I told Ashton I didn’t want to be his fuck buddy anymore since he had Ruby.


He has been dating Ruby for the past year and a half and yeah I know its bad but he's irresistible and the sex is just ugh, its amazing. I opened the door of my car and walked up to the front door. "You coming?" I asked when I realised Ashton was still in the car. He nodded quickly before getting out too. I opened the door to the house and put my bag down and tore my soaking wet jacket off.


"I'm going to go have a shower since I'm freezing cold, care to join?" I asked him and he nodded eagerly while kicking off his shoes. I walked up the stairs to my ensuite in the guest bedroom and opened the door. Ashtons feet made loud thumping sounds while he ran up the stairs after me.


I giggled and turned on the shower as he has walked in; no shirt, no pants just underwear. I bit my lip and smiled which resulted in him grabbing my waist and pulling me into him. He chuckled as he kissed down my neck making me squirm since it tickled.


He lifted up my shirt and threw it across the room then unhooked my bra in one motion throwing that across the room to join my shirt. Soon the pants,  underwear and socks joined too. We got into the shower and Ashton instantly pinned me against the wall by the waist.


"I'm sorry they hurt you baby" he whispered as he ran his fingers lightly over a dark purple bruise that had developed from the boys punching me. I told Ashton about the boys when I first met him since he was new and I had known the boys since kindergarten basically. They only started to beat me up 3-4 years ago. Its gotten worse over the years and became more of a habit.


Ashton only became friends with them because he thought he'd get bashed too. He doesn’t join in on the bashing but he doesn’t stop them either. I turned off the shower and walked back into the room with Ashton following close behind. He tackled me to the bed and hovered over the top of me.


I wrapped my legs around his waist and my fingers were lost in his hair. To be honest I don’t know why I craved this so much or why we didn’t stop. I think I liked the feeling of being needed or loved even though it wasn’t love and I was needed for a good time. At least I was being thought of.


He kissed up my neck till he got to my lips. He slid in slowly making me moan and then the moment was ruined by the doorbell. Ashton pouted and got up "I'll be using the back door and we can do this another time babe" he said as I sat up too. He quickly got dressed as the doorbell rang again. "ONE SECOND" I yelled to the person/people.


Ashton gave me a quick kiss before leaving. I grabbed my sweat pants and a Nirvana jumper and put them on before walking down the stairs to the door. Thank god the ground other than the kitchen was carpet. I opened the door to a drunk looking Luke. I rolled my eyes "What's up?" I asked him and he shook his head before looking up.


He wasn't drunk or stoned he had been crying. "I-I just found out that my m-mum was in a c-car accident and she, she" he broke down and collapsed on the ground with his head inbetween his knees. I bent down and embraced him in a hug. "I had no where else to g-go Triss" he cried. I rubbed his head and nodded "It's going to be okay Luke… its going to be okay" I cooed to him.


Im not sure if what I told him was a lie or not, because in the end… you never really know.



- - - - -



I stood a few rows behind Luke at his mums funeral. Everyone wore black except Ruby who wore a dark blue. I watched Lukes every moment as his Aunt, His grandmother and his brothers read out the speeches they had written. He was tense but had a soft face. His eyes were swollen, puffy and red as if they had been stung by a bee.


Ashton and Calum were on either side of him with there hands on his shoulders. I could see Ashton whisper stuff to him every so often and judging by His and Calums little smiles it was supposed to be funny… but Luke just continued to look straight. Someone could be shot and he probably wouldn’t notice.


After the funeral we all went back to Lukes house where his Aunt had organised a small get together for people to pay their respects. I stood in the corner away from everyone holding a glass of white wine. I looked around for Luke but he was no where to be seen. None of the boys were.


I decided to walk around the house a little and found my way to Lukes room. The door was cracked open a bit and I could hear the boys voices. "So what's going to happen to the house?" I heard one ask. There was a small silence so I figured Luke shrugged. "I guess you guys could live with me… we have enough rooms and since we all work we would have enough money to pay for rent" Luke said quietly.


I felt someone touch my shoulder which caused me to jump and fall into the door which then resulted with me half in the hallway and half in Lukes room on the floor. I looked up at Ruby who was giggling. "I'm so sorry" she giggled before helping me up. The boys looked at us and Luke stood up and walked over to us "Triss you can leave… I don’t need your fake sympathy" Luke growled.


I was taken back by his remark. I was speechless so I walked away and left. He lived a few doors down from Julian which was good so I didn’t have to walk far. I opened the door to Julian's house and he had his head in his hands. He looked up at me and shook his head "did you take money from the safe?" he asked.


I shook my head "I don’t know the pass code, only Lena and you do" I told him putting my bag on the ground next to the kitchen table. "Don't lie skank" he said slamming his hands on the desk. I was completely shocked. First Luke and now Julian.


"Julian, why would I take it? Only Lena and you know the code, although you'll just blame me because you're in love with Lena" I snarled grabbed my bag back off the floor. He stood up and grabbed my hair pulling me out the door. I screamed and tried to fight him off me but couldn’t.


He threw me out the door and I landed on the ground scraping half my face. I stood up and spat in his face "You're the biggest drop kick out" he said and punched me in the stomach. I stood back and kicked him the face. "At least I have time to fix up my life unlike you, wanker!"


I grabbed my bag off the ground and staunched off. I looked back at him for a second. He had his arms crossed and was shaking his head. I scoffed and kept walking. I was getting late and pretty dark so I headed to one of the many local parks which happened to be across from Kmart.


I walked over to the swing set and slowly started to swing while I played with my phone. I grabbed out a smoke and a lighter and flicked it on. "Smoking is bad for you" I heard someone say from behind me. I turned around to look at the person. He was tall, tanned, a bit buff but lanky, had light brown hair and green eyes. He had a smoke sticking out of his mouth that was smirking.


I rolled my eyes "I could say the same to you" I said and took a draw. He chuckled and sat in the swing beside mine before holding out his hand "Harrison Oshea, but you can call me Harry" I gladly shook it and smiled "Tristan Cobain, but you can call me Triss" he chuckled "Tristan for a girls name? well that my dear is unique"


I smiled and nodded "my mum and dads bestfriend was named Tristan but he died a few months before I was born, just like my dad so my mum decided it may as well be a tribute to him" I explained "why no name you after your dad?" He asked and I raised my eyebrows "because calling a girl Kurt would be sorta weird" I laughed and he laughed back.


"Wait so you're the infamous Triss Cobain that is daughter to worlds greatest lead signer Kurt Cobain from the band Nirvana and singer Courtney Love from Hole" he asked and I nodded "yeap, mum died a year ago and dad died just after I was… conceived" I told him.


He chuckled and I looked at the sky while taking in one of the last draws of my smoke. He did the same but blew the smoke out in the rings. I was fascinated by the technique since I was never able to accomplish it. The sky was growing dark and the air was getting cold. "Shouldn't you be at home or something?" Harry asked and I laughed "I don’t have one".


He chuckled a little before replying "Neither".                                                                                                                    

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