Find You || Luke Hemmings

Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.


12. Chapter Ten

Calum's P.O.V.


It was 8 o'clock and Triss still wasn’t home. All of us were sitting on the couch… well bar Luke who passed out four hours ago on the floor. Michael was bitting his nails and Ashton kept running his fingers threw his hair. We had just finished our first day of recording our first song Gotta Get Out. Ruby kept interrupting Ashton which meant we all had to stop.


Talking about Ruby where was she anyway. "Hey Ash?" Michael asked. Ashton looked at the both of us with his eyebrows raised. He hummed for him to go on. "Where is Ruby?" He asked. Wow that kid sure can read my mind. Ashton shrugged "probably in my room or she left". Michael and I looked at each other before getting up and walking to the kitchen.


Luke wasn't on the floor anymore. I looked at Michael again and he rolled his eyes. We both know where they are. We walked up towards Lukes room and we heard light moaning. I opened the door and coughed. "Wow Luke, didn’t think of your as a guy to do it with two girls at once" Michael scoffed at the light of Luke lay on his back while Ruby bounced on his dick and a random chick made out with him while Ruby ate her out.


Luke just smirked and stopped Ruby from getting up. "Don't be so jealous boys" he chuckled. I scoffed and grabbed Ruby off him and shoved her to the floor. Now I'm not normally an aggressive person but for now I was going to be. "Ruby grab your fucking shit and never step foot in this house again, don’t go anywhere near Ashton again, and if you do the entire school will know that you're a lesbian" Michael growled.


Ruby nodded and ran out the door. As for the other chick who ended up taking Ruby's place and was making Luke moan Michael left her there. "I'm going to wait until just before he cums to pull her off so he gets blue balls and than I can hit him in the dick so it hurts" Michael whispered. I chuckled and we just watched Luke.


Yes as weird as it sounds we just stood there watching a girl ride him and we've watched it before… not in that way but it has happened alright. Luke's moans got louder and louder and Michael smirked at me. "I'm gunn-" Luke started to say but Michael pulled the chick off him and told her to fuck off. Luke sat there staring at us "WHAT THE FUCK!?" he yelled. Michael hit him in the dick and Luke curled up into a ball.


We walked out leaving him to cry about his dick and slammed the door. Ashton was sitting on the top step waiting for us. He obviously knows what's going on but he doesn’t seem upset. "I knew it was bound to happen, every time Luke was around she was always all over him or trying to make him jealous" He paused and shrugged "oh well I fucked Triss plenty times and now I can continue doing that without wanting to get caught".


I looked at him and rolled my eyes. "I swear this house should become a whore house just so we can fuck random chicks" I joked. "Where is Triss anyway?" Ashton asked. I shrugged "I called her about an hour ago and she didn't pick up, she could have been driving although is she was she'd be home by now, even if she went to the city" I explained.


Ashton nodded "well I'm going to go to the club and fuck a chick, later" he said and left. Luke came out of his room giving us dirty looks. "You could have fucked anyone else and we wouldn’t have cared, so how about we all go out to celebrate our first record to be released and fuck bitches" Michael said grinning. Luke and I nodded in agreement and we all left. We took Michaels car since Luke's is still getting fixed since his mum totalled it and Triss has mine.



Luke's P.O.V.


I messaged Ashton to tell us where he was going so we could meet up. He is going to a club in the city, a strip club. We walked in smiles and all and ordered us shots to be a little girly and get wasted easier. Unfortunately I was the only one able to hold my drinks. A few strippers walked passed smiling at us until one caught my eye. Not in the cute way in the damn she's hot way.


She was wearing pink lace and it was entirely see-through. I smirked and called her over to our table. She immediately gave me a lap dance. The boys found some girls too. We were enjoying our selves until it was time to shut. The girl smiled "wanna go somewhere private?" she asked innocently. I nodded and grinned "mine?" I asked and she nodded.


Since we had to much to drink we had to all get cabs back to mine. The girl and I were the first back thank god. I lead her up to my room which still slightly smelt of sex from earlier. She smiled and I closed my door. Luckily she was still wearing her lace lingerie. I bit and kissed softly up and down her neck while pushing her onto the bed. She pulled me close to her by my jeans as she slowly undone them.


The alcohol began kicking in as this happened she sucked my dick. My vision became blurry and I lost control of my body. The last I remember was the chick moaning loudly, and bouncing and grinding on my dick.


- - - - -


I woke up to an empty room of just me. I had a pounding headache and I felt sick. I ran my fingers through my hair and stood up slowly before making my way down stairs. Normally I would see Triss coming out of her room around the same time but her room was empty. Maybe she is downstairs I thought. I got downstairs to see my three room mates looking smashed and I probably looked the same.


"Morning" they mumbled. I said one in return smiling a little. "Has anyone seen Triss yet?" Calum asked. We all shook our heads. "Nup, its been a day" Ashton said biting his lip. "Well wasn't last night fun and entertaining?" I asked grinning. The boys nodded and Ashton cheered. "I took home two girls and holy shit strippers are fantastic" He chuckled.


I nodded and got out cereal "I still think we should go try and find Triss" Calum said changing the subject. I rolled my eyes "she probably went to a friends house or she's at work" I said. Calum looked at me and shook his head "if she was at a friends house she would have messaged one of us, and if she went to work she would have walked so my car would be here and its not" He said still shaking his head.


I ran my fingers through my hair and shrugged "who knows, has anyone checked the mail yet? Im getting an important package from my aunt" the boys shook their heads. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the house to the mail box. I opened it to no packages but a letter. It was addressed to the four of us. Hand written addressed so it would have been dropped off by them.


I took it inside and sat it on the counter infront of the boys. "What's that?" Michael asked. I shrugged "it is addressed to us four, I don’t want to open it you open it" I said to Michael. He rolled his eyes and opened it. I noticed it was a bit dirty and had finger prints on it. "Well what does it say?" I asked. Michael sat there with a horrified expression.


"To whom it more than likely will concern, We have your darling Triss with us. Now you have two options. Easy or hard. The easy way is you leave her alone and move on with your lives, you do not come looking for her, you forget about her entire existence. Or the hard way you come looking for her and we simply kill you. We have people watching your every move so you try and get this traced they will kill you directly before you even have time to process. But if you are willing to want to find her, well you wont. But one last photo of the once beautiful Triss is on the back of this note" Michael stopped and looked at us.


Im sure we all had the same look. Pure horror. Calum and Ashton had tears in their eyes where are it felt like something inside me just broke. Michael turned the note over and there was a picture of Triss. She was hanging from a roof by her wrists. She was completely naked and there was blood dripping from her area. You could tell she had been raped. She had cuts and gashes all over her body.


Ashton screamed and started to sob hysterically. Calum just sobbed along with Michael. Where as I dropped to the ground banging my fists against it. I managed to break one of the tiles. "I don’t care if they kill me, I'm going after her! I will find her and bring her back, I wont let them do that to her" I growled. I stood up and walked out of the house. Calum followed close behind and got into the passenger seat.


"We will stay here, be safe" Michael sobbed. We nodded and drove off towards the city.

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