Find You || Luke Hemmings

Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.


7. Chapter Six

I woke up the next morning in an unfamiliar but all to familiar room. It was extremely quiet and I was alone so I was a bit scared. I sat up and removed the covers. I ran my fingers through my dull brown hair before removing the covers completely and letting the cold air hit me.


I walked out of the room and down the stairs to the lounge room. The boys were all cuddled up on the lounge drinking either coffee or tea, chatting away but quietly. I sat down next to Michael and rested my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me under the blanket they had all huddled under.


"Gotta love Christmas holidays" Ashton said before taking a sip of his coffee. The rest of the boys nodded. "So I basically woke up for no reason at all?" I asked and they nodded. I groaned and cuddled into Michael's chest. "Want a tea or coffee?" Calum asked and I nodded "tea please" I yawned. He nodded and got out from under the blanket.


Luke still had an emotionless face. He didn’t say much at all he just nodded as agreement and drunk his coffee. "We should put on a movie or go out for breakfast" Michael said looking pretty proud of himself for think it. Luke nodded as did Ashton. "I'll call Ruby and ask if she wants to come" Ashton said before getting up and leaving the room.


The boys rolled their eyes and scoffed. "Oh and Ashton why don’t you tell her about all those times" I called out to him and he scoffed before telling me to fuck off. The boys gave me weird looks and I shook my head signalling don’t worry.


Within an hour and a half we were all sitting down at a small café about a 20 minute drive inner city, with Ruby who had her hands all over Ashton and was basically sitting on him.


She was also wearing a ruby red night club skimpy dress, like seriously it’s breakfast at a café, wear what im wearing apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur… just kidding im wearing my black skinny jeans, converse, and my Nirvana top.


She was also hand feeding him seriously he's what 18? I think he can feed himself. Michael must have noticed how frustrated I was because he pulled me away from the table and outside. "What's up?" he asked and I raised an eyebrow "what ever do you mean?" I asked sarcastically and he rolled his eyes.


"You seriously look like you're about to rip her fucking head off" he tells me while people gave him dirty looks for cussing. I giggled "yeah well she's a slut" and he scoffed "and what you're not? You've been sleeping with him for a year, while they're dating too and she's the slut?" he says shaking his head.


I was shocked at what he said. I know he was sort of right but it hurt when he said it. I shook my head "yeah well, at least I can get some" I told him harshly before storming off. I didn’t know my way around the city since I had only been here twice and I didn’t see much of it since it was for a concert.


I basically just walked through large shopping centres and around blocks until I was completely lost in a deserted ghost town basically. There were a few people walking around but gave me weird looks when I walked past. I bumped into someone and I apologised but kept walking. "


"Triss?" they asked. I stopped and turned around to be face-to-face with the biggest dickhead in the entire world… my brother; if I should even call him that. "Nicholas" I said folding my arms. "I haven't seen you for a year" he exclaimed and I nodded "what of it?" now mind you he was my half brother not my full.


"Well how have you been?" he asked and I nodded "pretty good, I have a job at the strip club and im homeless" I say seriously and he laughs "you're still as funny as I remember you, but seriously how have you been?" he asks again. I roll my eyes "that’s seriously what's happened, because you took everything and made mum take my name out of the will you were left everything and I was left nothing


You even got my dads stuff and he wasn’t even your real fucking dad!" I shouted at him and he stepped back. He was clearly shocked and I nodded before turning around and walking away. I ignored his yells of my name and continued walking until I ended back at the freeway.


From the freeway to Lukes I knew it very well but it’s a 2 and a half hour walk so I started to walk and judging by the fact no one had stopped including them they wouldn’t be at Lukes when I got to Lukes because they would have pulled over and picked me up.


And I was right when I got to Lukes I was alone. I made myself a cup of coffee and turned on the TV. I watched cake boss and some movie called Snitch with Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson in it. It wasn't that bad actually it was about drug busting and shit. It was around 9 when the boys got home.


They walked in tipsy but without Ruby. Thank god. I walked over to the boys and they handed me bottles of alcohol. "Let's have a small gathering to appreciate school holidays?" Luke giggled and poured us shots but in plastic cups.


So in other words they were like giant shots. The boys all did them and I stood there with a cup in my hand looking at them weirdly before sculling it. I get Lukes grieving and all but this is just crazy but I liked it.


We decided to have more and more alcohol until we weren't in control of ourselves anymore. Ill tell you this I don’t remember anything at all. I woke up the next morning on the kitchen floor with Luke next to me.


We were both sorta kinda naked. I sat up with a huge head spin and an extremely bad headache. Luke woke up not long after and rolled over to look at me. At this point I hadn’t taken notice that we were naked. "You have a nice body" Luke said sleepily and I smiled before getting up and covering myself with my hands.


Luke did the same before we sneaked up to his room. He handed me some underwear, sweatpants and a t-shirt for me to wear. I put on the underwear and turned towards the bed holding out my hands so he could throw me the t-shirt and pants.


He smiled a big smile. Like a proper one too the first proper one I've seen since his mum. "You look so perfect" he said. I laughed "I'm wearing your American Apparel underwear Hemmings" making sure he understood that they were his.


"So I make you perfect?" he asked standing up and walking over to me slowly. "No you're underwear do" I chuckled. He stood in front of me really close. "Yeah but… I wear those underwear so you must have caught the perfectness from me and the underwear just spread it" he said slowly.


I could feel his breath on my neck, while mine hitched in the back of my throat as did my voice. "Please stop" I said quietly and he chuckled putting his hands on my waist "stop what?" he asked sarcastically and began to kiss up my neck.


Okay I can admit we were still a bit drunk and I was enjoying this a lot. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we both just looked at each other. "Well what are you waiting for?" I asked quietly. I looked from his eyes to his lips a few times as did he before kissing me and pulling me down on top of him on the bed.


He rolled us over so he was on top. He slipped off the underwear we were both wearing before smiling. We continued to make out until we could resist anymore. He slipped into me slowly and smiled continuing our kiss. I moaned and wrapped my legs around his small waist.


Our climaxes built up until they were full and we laid tangled in our own bodies and blankets on his bed. We fell asleep pretty easily since we were tired and definitely drunk since neither of us remembered what had happened in the morning.


We woke up and did our normal things which was have a shower, get changed sit on the lounge talking but this time quietly since we all had hangovers. "I-I-I WANNA GO-O-O ALL THE WAY-AY-AY" Ashton basically screamed out while booming down the stairs.


We all covered our ears and groaned "shut up asshole!" Michael groaned when Ashton had eventually gotten to the bottom of the stairs. He walked into the kitchen and continued singing but not as loud this time but loud enough for Calum to throw a pillow at his head and make him topple over.


We all giggled for a few minutes before laying on the lounges and watching Thor 2. "I love this movie" I exclaimed quietly while the other boys nodded agreeing with me. "Hey Mikey don’t you have work tonight?" Calum asked and Michael nodded "Hey Cal-yum, don’t you have work tonight?" Michael asked sarcastically and Calum nodded sadly.


I laughed and shook my head at how cute their bromance was. "It's okay guys, I have to work as well" I sighed rubbing my temples and resting my head back on my pillow. "I hate working, my workmates treat me like shit" Calum explained shaking his head.


"Where do you work?" I asked him and he scoffed "stupid cinemas" he said and I nodded "well Kmart isn't the greatest place to work, its quite boring" I told them and everyone agreed that working in general was boring. "WOOOOOO!" Ashton yelled from the kitchen.


We all groaned again and covered our ears before getting up and slowly walking to the kitchen. "What's up?" Michael asked and he held a piece of paper in front of our faces. "My drum kit is ready to be picked up today!" he exclaimed excitedly. We raised our eyebrows and looked at each other. "You know how to play drums?" Michael asked and Ashton nodded.


He told us that he once had a drum kit but his little brother broke it. "We should go pick up our guitars too then?" Luke asked and the other boys nodded. I was shocked "you play guitar?" I asked and they nodded. "Cal plays bass, and Mikey and I play both electric and acoustic" Luke explained and I nodded "Impressive" I smiled.


Michael grabbed his car keys and walked out the door. "Where are you going?" Luke asked as Michael unlocked his car "I'm going to go get our shit, you coming?" we all nodded and I grabbed my hand bag before running to his SUV and climbing in.


Once we arrived at the music shop in the city we looked around at all the guitars, drums and other instruments placed around the place. I walked up to a huge memorabilia of Kurt Cobain. A lump in my throat formed and my eyes swelled up. I wasn't going to cry not here.


"You a fan?" someone asked and I nodded. "More than a fan" I told them. It was a worker around my age. "Yeah his music is amazing, shook everyone when he passed away" he said and I nodded "I know, affected my mum and I the most" I told him and he laughed "you're a fan girl?" he asked and I shook my head. "I'm his daughter". 

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