Find You || Luke Hemmings

Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.


9. Chapter Seven

A/N: Mah, I'm sorry for not updating for like three weeks, I was in another city for a week and My laptop with all the story and chapters wouldn't connect to the internet and it still wont so I've transferred them over, either way I have 6 chapters that will be updated hopefully all in one day so read on niglets xo


- - - - -


I continued to wander around the store with the boys until they had chosen the guitars and microphones they wanted. We packed up the instruments into Michaels car before going home and setting up a small recording studio that would take up the guest bedroom.


Once we arrived home we moved everything out of the guestroom and to Lukes garage. Well actually I waited until they had carried everything out because the boys thought I was to weak to carry stuff. I rolled my eyes when they told me and decided to just chill on the bed until they decided to carry that out too. With me still on it.


After about an hour we had everything out of there and it was completely empty. "The walls are so… bare and plain" Cal told us and we nodded in agreement. Luke came running up the stairs with a huge cream coloured tarp and two paint cans; big ones. "Well there is dark blue with I think light blue sparkles or… yeah that’s all I got" he told us while handing us large pain brushes.


Judging by that we were going to be painting. But we thought of something better. We dipped the paint brushes in before flicking it at the walls and making small pain splatters until the whole room was covered. We had paint all over ourselves but we were quite proud.


"So shall we start to make this a proper recording studio?" Michael asked and Luke nodded. "Wait you guys are dead set about this band? I thought you were kidding" I said seriously. They nodded "we've been talking about it for ages and since we can play instruments than yeah we might as well" Ashton told me and I nodded.


I hadn't talked to Ashton much since Michael had told me that he was the one making the boys bash me. I refused to talk to him or be left in the same room as him. "So Luke and Triss, did you's two have fun last night?" Ashton chuckled and the other two snickered.


Luke and I gave them a funny look before they gasped "you's don’t remember?" Michael asked and we shook our heads "remember what?" Luke asked. The boys looked at each other before looking back at Luke and I. "Never mind, lets finish this off yeah?" we all agreed and started to bring up the instruments and microphones placing them where we had decided.


I set up a video camera in front of all the instruments so when they were ready to record stuff for YouTube they had it there, ready. We all stood at the door and nodded. "I like it" Cal grinned. Lukes jaw dropped "you only like it!? I love it!" he exclaimed happily. I laughed at how much of a little kid he could be.


I walked out of the studio and down the stairs to the kitchen. "Shit" I heard Michael mumble while he walked down after me. I stopped and raised my eyebrows "what's up Mikey?" I asked him and he shook his head "we forgot to go shopping for food" he told me.


Ashton and Luke shrieked and by shrieked I mean they squealed in the highest of high girly pitches possible. I didn’t even know their voices could extend to that level of pitch. "WE FORGOT THE FOOD!" Calum yelled running through the hallway and joining out little "convention" in the stair case.


Michael nodded sadly while Luke pushed passed him "we are going on another road trip but this time to the shops" Luke established before running outside. The boys followed him quickly but I took my time. I took it by walking down the stairs very, very slowly.


Ashton ran back in yelling at me to hurry up so I walked a little bit faster. I grabbed my handbag and ran out to the car jumping in next to Ashton. He smiled and I smiled back.



- - - - -



Once we got to the shops we went straight to Coles and started to grab things we could eat for dinner, lunch, breakfast and of course snacks. "Nachos tonight?" Calum asked and we all nodded "yeah, Triss and I can make them!" Luke said clapping a little. The boys shook their heads dramatically and waving their hands around saying 'no' over and over.


Luke pouted "why cant we" he asked quietly and Ashton bit his lip "because when you both made pancakes and forgot about them Mike and Cal had to save your kitchen from catching on fire". I chuckled and continued putting things into our trolley.


"Alright, toiletries and stuff" I told them s we turn up the isle with toothpaste, body wash, razors, makeup, shampoo and conditioner. The boys grabbed their body wash, razors, deodorant while I grabbed my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth brush - because I didn’t have one - and moisturiser.


Ashton looked at me funny so I looked back at him with the straightest face and whispered "moisturize me". His face filled with horror and he backed away while I continued to look directly into his eyes as if I were looking in his soul. Michael chuckled because he understood my reference and nodded in approval.


"I'll be back soon" Luke said before walking off on all of us. Calum and Michael looked at each other weirdly and than shrugged as if it were normal. "He is random, you'll get used to it" Ashton said while smelling different aftershaves.


I rolled my eyes and we continued shopping. When we got back to the car Luke still hadn't re-joined us. Luke had the keys for some stupid reason so we sat outside in the dark with a trolley full of food, lightly starting to rain, and freezing our ass' off.


Ashton pulled out a smoke and started to light it but he put it back in his pocket when we all stared him down. I kicked a few rocks with my feet before sitting down on the car kerb. Michael was whistling and Calum was leaning against the car slowly falling asleep.


"IM BACK" Luke yelled from the other side of the car park as he ran to us. He unlocked the car and we threw everything in. we all jumped in and drove home. Ashton, Calum and I all glared at Luke the entire ride home. He sat with his hands in his pockets and fiddled with them.


"I said I was sorry" he chuckled and we all scoffed. "Pa-lease" Michael said in a sassy tone. I rolled my eyes and laughed. "You do that a lot don't you?" Luke asked and I looked at him. "What?" I asked him and he chuckled "you roll your eyes a lot" I nodded "It's my" I paused to flip my hair fabulously before continuing "signature move" I told him and everyone laughed.

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