Find You || Luke Hemmings

Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.


2. Chapter One

I rolled up my black fishnet stockings as a usually do and re adjusted my crop top. I sighed and turned towards the mirror in front of me waiting for Julian to call for me. I rolled my eyes at the usual look I had; mysterious and sexy.


I ran my fingers through my blue and purple hair before slipping on my high heels. "Triss let's go" Julian spoke as he walked into the dressing room. I nodded before leaving the room. "Oh and Triss" he said and I turned back to look at him "table four after your dance" I nodded and left walking onto the small stage that lead to runways with poles.


Okay before you go assuming things I have to tell you how I got to where I am. I'm Triss Cobain, I'm 18 and a troubled teen who lives on the streets or bunks in with friends. I work at a strip club called Julian's. He is my boss and a good friend.


My mum died a year ago and my dad died a few months before I was born. I started working here so I could get enough money to pay for rent for an apartment which I did before I was evacuated permanently from a bug infestation.

So I am continuing to work here at night and at Kmart as well and attend school. I don't have to do assignments as long as I keep on top of my school work which was easy for me since I was pretty smart which I shouldn't exactly say since I'm a stripper.


I'm not a super slut I'm actually a really quiet girl who doesn't talk much to people. I sit at the back in class away from everyone as if they were classified as "normal" and I was well not.


Occasionally I have peers come into the club and I mean boys mostly... Actually yeah just boys, but they don't recognise me. I don't even think they know I go to school with them.


I walked over to the pole and placed a hand on it with my head down. My theme song "work bitch" by Brittany Spears began to play. I did my dance that majority of the customers came to see. I was the star here but I hated that.


Everyone and I mean everyone in the club had their eyes on me as if I were the queen or a goddess. As much as I could try and smile and act as if I enjoyed this, I didn’t. Well actually I don’t think anyone but Julian enjoys working here.


Like who actually enjoys dancing on some pedo's lap or an old guys lap? No one, that’s who. I continued to dance until the song was over which is when I step off the runway and over to whatever table asked for me. Four guys sitting around the table drinking what looked like lemonade and looked to young to be in here.


As I got closer I noticed they were from my school and had majority of my classes with them and they were super popular. I smiled at them once they saw me and they smiled back. "So who is the lucky boy?" I asked seductively while leaning on the black glitter table they were seated around.


The boys looked at each other before pointing to a boy with curly brown hair. He stood up and I took his hand leading him towards the lap dance room. I sat him down and did my thing as usual. "So you from around here?" He asked and I nodded. "I haven't seen you before that’s all" he told me as his breath hitched in the back of his throat.


"I don't blame you I'm a hard girl to find" I told him. Most clients do talk but its normally small talk and not much. I continued to dance until he decided to talk again. "So what's your name?" he asked. I stopped dancing and stood up infront of him. "That's the end of the dance please show yourself back to the table" I told him. He opened his mouth to speak but quickly closed it and left.


I walked out through the other exit leading to the dressing room. Julian sat behind the small table with his head in his hands. "You okay?" I asked as I unclipped my wig from my brunette hair. I took it off letting my actual hair flow down over my shoulders. Julian shook his head "it's just... leena cancelled on the burlesque performance and only she knows the routine" he sighed and looked over towards me.


I shook my head "no, no, no, I have to go home, I have school tomorrow and I don’t even know the routines yet" I exclaimed as I slid off the fish net stockings and put on my black ripped jeans. "Then can you at least help me close up shop?" he asked me as I unzipped my crop top and slid on my nirvana top that was signed by the full band. "You know your mum wouldn't be proud of what your doing but she would want you to start doing the stuff you love" Julian told me.


I laughed lightly "yeah call up Dave and maybe I could join his band" I joked and grabbed my phone. I had a message from him though asking if I could babysit his kids on Saturday. "I'm not saying that, I'm just saying…" he stopped talking and looked around. "I'm just saying maybe you should start putting yourself out there, make some friends" he told me.


"Hey I have friends" I said resulting with him scoffing "like who? Kara? Destiny? They aren't your friends they're your work colleagues" I sighed and started to walk out of the room "I'm going to go help Jack at the bar" I told him before leaving and slamming the door shut.


I walked passed table four and bumped into the boy I gave a lap dance. "Sorry" I mumbled before walking behind the bar and putting on an apron. "Can I please get a vodka" a smallish girl asked me. I held out my hand "I.D. please" I told her. She shook her head "seriously? I'm 19 can you not see that?" she said waving her hands at the tight dress making her curves stand out more.


I continued to hold out my hand getting impatient with this girl. "I.D. ma'am" she scoffed and walked away. Jack shook his head and laughed "You're good, I thought she was around 21" he told me. Jack was a big hulking - I guess you could say black if you'd like to be a bit selective or something - guy but he was a sweet softy.


I nodded "well that is because I can tell who are around my age and who isn't since I am that age, it's like a telepathic sort of thing, we just know" I told him and he chuckled "or it could be a teenager thing".


I continued to help out until closing time. I was going to crash at Julian's place again since Leena was a no show and I basically lived with Julian. I sat in the passenger seat of the car with my head resting against the window. Julian lived about four blocks away from the club and two blocks away from my high school.


Once we had arrived at his house I slid into the guest bedroom and changed into some pajamas before laying down and falling asleep.



- - - - -



I woke up the next morning by Julian shaking me. I slapped his hands away and sat up pouting. "C'mon Triss, you have school and I have work so hurry up and get ready so we can leave and be on time for once" he exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and made a "argh" sound before flopping back onto the bed. "I hate people and there are people at my school" I told him. He laughed and pulled me back up "you have your music assessment don’t you?" he asked.


I sighed and nodded finally allowing myself to sit up. He continued to laugh before leaving the room. I stood up and walked over to my gym bag which held all the clothes I owned. "JULES" I called out to him. He replied with a simple "yes". "IS IT HOT OR COLD?" I asked him. I could basically see him shrugging in my mind. "COLD REMEMBER ITS WINTER" he yelled.


I grabbed out my light blue skinny jeans and a sweater with the Ramones emblem on it. I had a quick shower before getting dressed, putting on a little bit of makeup (since I didn’t own much) and brushing through my hair. I walked out of the room grabbing my shoulder bag and phone. "ready?" Julian asked as I slipped on my black converse that belonged to my mum.


I nodded and grabbed my favourite guitar that belonged to my dad. It was his first guitar and now my first guitar which is an acoustic Fender. Julian and I walked out of the house and over to his car. I put the guitar in the backseat before hopping into the front and buckling my seatbelt.


"So are you alright to walk home this arvo? I'm working late at the club tonight and you're not on because we have a newbie starting" Julian told me as he started the car. I nodded "yeah I should be fine, I think I have to work at around 4:30-6 this arvo at Kmart anyway" I told him as we drove to the school.

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